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They lure away the black bears with another batch of honey away from the hives so the black bear will get distracted from the hives, but be careful for the beekeepers, for some black bears do not target the honey.

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Q: What do beekeepers do to protect their hives from black bears?
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What insect lives in a hives?

Beekeepers keep their honey producing bees in a beehive.

Why do bee keepers have to paint their hives white and use shiny lids?

Beekeepers paint their hives to protect the wood. Bees don't care what the color of the hive is, but beekeepers usually choose white because it reflects the sun and keeps the hives from overheating in the summer. They use shiny lids for the same reason.

What is the name of the place where beekeepers work?

An apiary (also known as a bee yard) is the name given to an area where beekeepers place honeybee hives.

What are beekeepers?

Beekeepers are people who keep bees in hives for the honey that they produce. Most beekeepers throughout the world are hobbyists although there are some very large organisations who farm bees, for honey production or for pollination purposes.

Do beekeepers move their hives in winter?

It depends on weather conditions and temperature levels in their local area.

Why do beekeepers wear white clothing while tending the hives?

Beekeepers wear white clothing because white has a calming effect on bees so they are less inclined to attack.

Do raccoons eat honey?

Raccoons love honey and will raid hives for it. They can be a real pest for beekeepers who must find ways to secure their hives. They also will eat honeybees.

Where can you find beehives?

Beehives can be found in a number of different places. Usually, bees make their hives high up in trees. Beekeepers will create synthetic hives for their bees, and usually just keep the hives in their back yards.

Where do bees build their hives?

Bees don't build hives - beekeepers do that. Honey bees living in the wild will usually build a nest in a hollow tree trunk or under your eaves.

Companies that sell observation hives WITH bees?

It is not usual to sell observation hives with bees. Most beekeepers who use observation hives for demonstrations take frames of bees from their regular hives just for the period of the demonstration. An observation hive is not suitable for keeping bees in for a long period.

What is the career that deals in hives and honey?

Apiarist, beekeeper or bee farmer. However, very few beekeepers do it as a full time career.

How do beekeepers make hives?

if your eager to know then please send us an email. we'll answer anything and everything thing ^^

What is hardened resin?

it is what bees protect their hives with

Do black bears eat foxes?

If given a chance, black bears will eat foxes along with other small mammals. The bulk of their diet consists of vegetation. They love honey and will eat hives, insects and all, despite getting stings on their paws.

What is intraspecific interactions with bees?

Intraspecific interactions with bees is called beekeeping. Beekeepers are called apiarists and the box where the bees are kept are called apiaries or hives.

Why are there bees and wasps in your tree?

because well known for bears usually get into the honey bees make and the bees do their best to try and protect it so they build their hives high up in trees

How do honey bees protect their hives?

they can build a hard nest

Why does a bee have a stinger?

Bees have stingers so that they can protect themselves and their hives.

How do hives protect bees?

they help them by getting hurt by diffrent animals

Why do bears attack bee hives?

Because the bear wants the honey from the bees hive!

What do beekeepers keep bees in?

Normally a wooden hive in the Western World. In some parts of Africa you could find them using a sort of hollowed out log instead. Historically UK beekeepers used a woven straw skep (in earlier times still it might have been a mud & straw skep) but these were superseded by the hives we see today.

Why does Winnie the Pooh like honey?

Its a trait from bears in the wild attempting to get bee honey from wild hives

What is honeybee house called?

The honeybee houses are called hivesHoney bees live in large family groups called colonies.A full-sized colony at the height of the growing season contains an average of 60,000 individual bees.Honey bees tended by beekeepers live in wood boxes called hives.Some well-managed hives in bee yards contain up to 80,000 individual bees.

Do bears raid bee hives?

Possibly because they like honey and a hungry bear will do almost anything to get their food

Can you make up a report on bees?

Not quite sure what you mean but most beekeepers will have a 'hive record card' for each of his/her hives. This is a report of everything that he/she has found inside the hive when he/she visited it and any actions that he/she has taken that will affect the colony.