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What do boys think about girls who call them 13 years old?

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Well, if your 13, than she knows you, but she probabally doesn't like you. If she laughs at whatever you say, theb she likes you.

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What do you call boys and girls school mixed or what?

i think it is called a regular or public school.

Why do you girls call boys baby?

because guys call girls babe

Are pastry shoes for boys or girls?

no totally not why do u think they call it glam pie because girls r glaming princess

Can dogs call girls boys?

NO!!!!!!!!! it would be rude 2 girl dogs if u call them boys because we girls do not have have stuff hanging out like boys

What does sister-girl mean and why do boys call girls that?

It means that they think of you as their sister. They call you that because they're not interested in you romantically.

Why do people call girls nieces and boys nephews?

because girls are nicer and boys are meaner

Do girls call boys?

No. Boys always have't to call you! Besides if you do, it is not lady- like! Yes of caorse it is normal to call him! Girls call guys all the time. Good Luck!

What do you call people from the Philippines?

they're called filipino's as boys and filipina's as girls i think lets hope this is right!

What do girls call puberty?

puberty is a term that applies to both boys and girls.

What do you call someone who loves girls and boys?

A bisexual

What do boys call girls in a flirty way?


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Generally, they are called equally. Obviously, if a class has 34 boys and 3 girls, there will be more boys called on than girls. It depends on the situation.

Do boys write in a diary?

Yes. In fact, more boys than girls do, though only few admit it. Writing in a diary is a coping method. Boys prefer to call them journals and girls call them diaries.

Can girls call or text boys?

I think yes. As long as they are not doing anything inappropriately it is totally okay. It is normal to text guys.

Do girls have an easier life?

No, boys do. Girls have a lot of things to think about. I don't think so. Boys and girls certainly have different challenges in life, but I would not call it easier. Women face many challenges that many boys will never encounter such as periods and childbirth in addition to the unique disadvantage that many women have in the areas of education, social and economic equality, and sexual freedom.

How can you get on trading spaces boys vs girls?

Well you have to call them.

Why do boys call girls babe?

because they really like her

Why do boys call girls sister all the time for no reason?


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Why do boys talk about girls and what do they say about us girls?

boys talk about girls because they might like them or hate them if you wanna know what they say, they talk about breast sizes and seeing breast such as girls when they bend over and just stuff that girls think is preverted when it like girl talk to us which me and my friends call guy talk

How do you enter trading spaces boys versus girls?

call dain

Why do boys call girls baby?

cuz they fell that they are responseble 2 them

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