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Curves Trainers and Coaches help you get the maximum benefits of your workout. A Coach or Trainer is at the facility from open to close, so you will never be left alone. They will teach you how to properly use the machines, teach you about the weight management programs, train you on CurvesSmart, and anything else you would have questions about. Call Your local Curves today and see what Curves can do for you!

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Does sports medicine involve athletic trainers coaches and personal trainers?


Are there special coaches for the nba that are not assistant coaches?

yes, most players have agents, or their own trainers

How many athletes were in the winter Olympics 2010?

There are approx. 2500 athletes and coaches and trainers as well.

Do all body builders have fitness trainers?

I'm sure all body builders don't have fitness trainers but it is a good idea to have someone to work with you who is knowledgeable about what is needed to be successful. Singers have voice coaches, basketball players have coaches, so why shouldn't a body builders?

Do football coaches give massages to their players?

Coaches never massage the players. Or, at least, they shouldn't. That would be inappropriate. If a player has a sore muscle, however, the trainers will likely massage him.

How many trainers are on an NFL team?

For instance, let's use the Vikings; With 3 head coaches. The have 8 offensive coaches, including quarterbacks and wide receivers. 7 defensive coaches including line backers, defensive backs and line. And five other staffs/coaches for conditioning and strengthening.

What are four jobs involved with sport that need a knowledge of science?

Medical science is necessary for trainers, physical sciences for coaches.

Who besides the players get a Super Bowl ring?

The NFL will pay up to $5,000 per ring and will buy rings for 150 members of the organization. After the players, coaches, front office personnel, trainers, the general manager and the owner, maybe even the cheerleaders will get a ring. After the players, coaches, trainers and management get their rings, who gets the other rings is left up to the team's management.

What type of trainer do you need for the UFC?

you need a mixture of trainers. since the UFC is a MMA event you need strenght and conditioning coaches, wrestling coaches, bbj, and etc. you alos need a fighting style so whatever you r syle is use it, but a mixture is better.

What Jobs are Related to a sports agent?

well some jobs related to a sports agen could be trainers and coaches. i cant think of anymore roght off the top of my head

Who receives the Dronacharya Award?


How many players allowed in MLB dugout during game?

There is no rule on the number of people allowed in the dugout. The rule states that only players, coaches, bat boys, managers, trainers, substitutes, & players on the disabled list are allowed in the dugout. Ejected players and coaches are not allowed to stay in the dugout.

How many Major League Baseball baseball players are there?

2500 including coaches and trainers............

Is it coaches or coach's award when given by several coaches to individual?


What are curves on a polygon?

Polygons do not have curves.

What shapes have curves?

What shape has curves

What is the possessive of RV coaches?

The possessive form of the plural noun RV coaches (recreational vehicle coaches) is RV coaches' (recreational vehicle coaches').Example: Our RV coaches' interiors have all been refurbished.

Why is there a need for highway curves?

for safety purpose and the curves are design for speed on which curves are provided.

Women Losing Weight?

Curves is a great place for women to exercise and meet new people. The company often publishes coupons that people can use if they want to try the gym before buying a membership. Curves offers a daycare service for the women who need to bring their children with them, as well as trainers who will teach them the right way to get in shape. Most Curves locations are open into the evening hours to make it convenient for all women.

How many coaches is there for one rugby team?

This depends on the level of the team. If in the higher levels you will have a main coach, then attack coaches, defense coaches, strategic coaches, fitness coaches

Who is contact person in nehru stadium for cricket coaching and also who give coaching?

JH Nehru Stadium in New Delhi offers many intramural type sports activities. The Cricket and other coaches can be reached by contacting the league sports office. They can also provide the names of coaches and other athletic trainers that can help you.

What is possessive form of coaches?


Who is the highest paid play in the word and the highest paid coach in the word?

Nobody really knows how much coaches/personal trainers get paid. If you are lucky enough to meet an athlete's trainer, ask them... If they want to answer...

What is Global Connection's website about?

Global Connection's website is there to explain the history of Global Connection as well as provide a way to contact them with questions. On the website you'll find a bookstore as well as help for coaches and trainers.

How many spinal curves are there?

There are four curves in the spine. They are the Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar and Pelvic curves.