What do dragons eat?

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Dragons do not exist they are mythical creatures and therefore they eat nothing, however in stories they eat:-

Answer:It depends on what type of dragon it is:
  • Western dragons enjoy milk maidens, cakes, birds, oxen and elephant blood.
  • Eastern dragons enjoy bamboo, milk, flesh of swallows and arsenic.
  • Some dragons even enjoy nachos!
Answer:It depends what their diet is:
  • If they are carnivores they will eat meat.
  • If they are herbivores they will eat plants.
  • If they are omnivores they will eat both.
Answer:Well, if the dragons really exist, and that they live in mountains or lakes or some other places like that, then they really have little chance of finding good food do they? I can guarantee this much... they don't eat crystallized pineapple. Answer:Well, I would put a guess at the deep sea creatures or mountain goats and stuff like that. Come to think of it, if dragons have been able to elude mankind for so long, some other creatures might also be hiding from man's eyes. Answer:Well, as far as I know, dragons are not real, they are mythological creatures. But I think they probably eat meat or humans. Answer:Dragons are usually thought of as carnivores (Eat only meat) right? Or omnivores (eat both plants and meat). SO! That implies they could eat almost anything (especially if you are a writer), birds, sheep cattle etc. Even fish if they know how to catch them. And humans if they are desperate. But they could also eat berries, nuts, fruits and other plant life if they are small enough to harvest it all. The norm though is meat. Answer:
  • Goats
  • Cows
  • People
  • Dogs
  • Anything that has meat
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Q: What do dragons eat?
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