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What do flashing FWD 2WD lights mean in a Ford Explorer?

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It may be a speed sensor failure. Try checking the codes with a OBD II reader. Most Auto Pats Stores will be happy to read the codes for you.

2007-03-05 19:43:59
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What does it mean is the O D off light is flashing on a 2002 ford explorer?

A malfunction has been detected , have it checked by a professional

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I was looking at the 2006 Ford Explorer Owner Guide and the wrench light is the Powertrain Malfunction Indicator . It lights up when a powertrain or 4x4 fault has been detected , take it to the dealer

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What do the warning lights on the dashboard of a 1998 Ford explorer mean?

If the warn. light in question is the 'check engine' light, this means there is a problem with the vehicle's ergonomic system, such as an oxygen sensor, etc.

What does it asb mean in a Ford Explorer?

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