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they are brown


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garden snail live in gardens.

Yes, garden snails love eating lettuce.

blue snails look like snails but the slimy bit of the snail is blue

One difference is that Apple Snails are freshwater snails and Garden Snails are land snails.

Garden snails live, as their name says, in the garden.

Apple snails are freshwater aquatic snails. Garden snails are land snails.Apple snails have lungs and gillsGarden snails have lungs onlyApple snails skin is thin and translucent (with slime)Garden snails skin is thick and leathery (with slime)All apple snails have two sets of antennaeGarden snails have species with one and two sets.

my garden snails like to eat water melon,cucumber,lettice,corrots and bananas.My snails like to drink water.

Pond snails are aquatic freshwater snails whereas garden snails are terrestrial. They are both different species.

Snails can be quite a pest for a garden, and gardeners usually don't like them (though in my opinion I think they're cute, or maybe that's because I take care of them right now.). This is because garden snails usually eat holes into plants, especially vegetable gardens, like lettuce. So I should say that snails DO harm a garden.

1st answer added as a related link. I used to keep apple snails in my aquarium, they are about as big as a large garden snail, only their shell is bright yellow.

Garden snails eat a range of different food's love greenery like leaves of various plants. They eat cucumber, lettuce, spinach, carrots, apples and strawberries, those are only a few of the fruits and vegetables that I have given my garden snails. Garden snails CANNOT eat citrus or anything but fruits or vegetables.

Snails look very frail and pale when they die. These snails also look very limp and wrinkly when they die.

NO! Garden snails live oxegyn, just like us. However, if you are interested in keeping them you need to have a decent container and spray them daily!

I've already answered a similar qst. Jst type in : How do snails make more snails and u'll find my answer.

Garden snails, the most common type, are herbivores. Some snails, like the wolf snails, will eat other snails, so they are carnivores.

I believe garden snails do sleep. Not like I know it from experience, but I find that my garden snails often go into their shells and stay like that for a while. Though I predict this behaviour is done to prevent themselves from drying up, I believe that they should be having a nice rest inside their shell, too.

No they eat your garden.

They are known as garden snails!

Goldfish CAN eat garden snails if you break their shell open first.

Garden snails do not drink salt water, but they will drink water. Garden snails will drink any water that crosses their path. Snails can not drink salt water because it dries out and shrivels up their skin.

If there is anyplace to find a garden snail it would be to look in a grassy area. If not there look at the neiborhood park. If there is none there I would look on leaves aspecially when it is humid out or after it rains.

Garden snails eat a lot of vegetables. I only feed my captive garden snails lettuce and carrots, but I find that they like lettuce a bit better. I am sure they will eat almost all vegetables!

There are thousands of kinds of snails, but many are known as either garden snails or Roman snails.

near corners of your garden and also damp places.

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