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Here is a simplified checklist for the changes a boy will go through in each stage of puberty.

Stage I

- Prepubertal appearance

- Testicular volume less than 1.5 ml

- Penis 3 cm or smaller

Stage II

- Small amount of light downy hair at the base of the penis and scrotum

- Scrotum skin thins

- Testicles continue to enlarge (up to 6 ml)

- Scrotal enlargement begins

- Penis size remains unchanged

Stage III

- Pubic hair begins to darken and become more coarse

- Pubic hair begins to extend from just above penis to more of a triangle shape

- Testicular size around 6-12 ml

- Scrotum continues to enlarge

- Penis begins to enlarge, first in width, then in length (up to about 6 cm)

- Due to increased hormone secretion, 70% develop breasts temporarily

Stage IV

- Pubic hair has quality of adult, but has not extended to the legs

- Testicular volume about 12-20 ml

- Scrotum continues to enlargen

- Scrotum begins to darken in color

- Penis continues to enlarge, first in length (up to about 10 cm), then in width

- Due to increased hormone secretion, 70% develop breasts temporarily

Stage V

- Pubic hair extends to medial thigh

- Testicular volume 18-20 ml or larger

- Adult sized and colored scrotum

- Penis length around 15 cm

- Gynecomastia, if present, regresses

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Q: What do guys go through in puberty?
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So they can become men and do the things that grown-ups do.

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Actually if your a girl it would but for guys its not normal to

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most guys go through a growth spurt when they are going through puberty and that happens around the age of 12-16

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All humans go through puberty.

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Guys all go through puberty at their own rate. Puberty is regarded as completed when the growth plates on the long bones close and growing stops. By then, boys will have developed most of the defining physical characteristics of an adult male.

Is puberty more difficult for grls then for boys?

For girls, guys only go through puberty once in there life. Girls go through it once a month from about age 13-45 (more or less), So there for, girls.

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yes most guys and girls' voice crack as going through puberty

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It is nearly impossible not to go through puberty. Everyone goes through puberty unless you have some birth defect.

What happens if you dont start puberty?

You will go through puberty eventually. You may just be a late bloomer, but you will go through puberty; everyone does.

What is a guys puberty?

A guy goes through puberty just like girls. Guys develop deeper voices, and pubic hair and some other things.

Why do guys have to go through puberty?

so they will be ready for sex someday. girls go thru it too. they have to grow parts that help for when they have a baby after they have sex

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Yes. But vets can do surgery and have the pet not go through puberty(female pets)

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Everyone goes through puberty, unless your hormones are whack.

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What age do guys get sperm?

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Can you go through puberty with no testicles?


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Im an 11year old male and have not gone through puberty is that bad?

no. its definetly not. most guys start puberty at about 12-13

How can you tell if your penis is going through puberty?

Between 11 and 18 most guys go through puberty & your penis is certainly along for the ride.For boys: If you are having facial hair, Pubic hair, getting erections, maybe a few pimples, gotten taller in the last year, you have been in puberty,

How do you go through puberty?

Puberty occurs naturally from age 11 to about 15.