What do i do when my boyfriend thinks my mates pretty?

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As in, your friend? looking for a serious relationship don't settle with someone you cant trust. In marriage the husband should only be adoring one women, his wife. If he is checking out every sassy thing that walks by he is not ready for commitment. But I do not know to which extent this was done. It is never healthy for someone to feel like in marriage they have free reign to check out the meat market, this may sound extreme, but you have to have a fence somewhere. No man fails on his wife before he took the second look at the beautiful waiter who served him. In my relationship my girl is the only open parking space, the rest our either taken or handicap. But also do not take it out of proportion, just communicate.
  • You should be more independent and self assured in yourself. Your mate should be able to comment to you when he sees a pretty girl and you should feel free to tell him when you see a handsome man. This does not mean he wants to have a relationship with your friend. He is simply making a comment. Smart women become independent and are self assured in themselves and realize that no matter how pretty or cute they may be there is always someone prettier or cute than you are. The trick is, believe it or not, is to be proud of your good looks if you are blessed with them, but work on the inside of yourself and your spirit will radiate making you that much more desirable. Next time he mentions this if you think your friend is pretty then agree with him.
Whether this mate of yours is a guy or a girl I wouldn't care. What matters is he is with YOU, not your mates.
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How can you show your ex-boyfriend that you want to be mates like he said even though he dumped you and he thinks you still like him more than you are telling him?

Answer . The magic words here are "he dumped you." I am really sorry this happened to you, but he left for reasons and you must know them. Whether you were the cause of them or not he either wants to move on or you've really hurt him.\n. \nLove should be something wonderful and sometimes those ( Full Answer )

Why would your ex-boyfriend think that you think he's a pretty boy?

Answer . It sounds as if you have been giving him more compliments than he's been giving you or he's hearing it a lot from guys. The term "pretty boy" is usually a term another male uses and not a woman. Women will either say the guy is a hunk, handsome or cute. Sounds like this guy is full of hi ( Full Answer )

What should you do if your mate is cheating on her boyfriend?

Tell your mate that you know. B: You need to confront this person and tell her that she is not being fair to her boyfriend. If she doesn't do this, tell her that you will talk to him and tell all you know. But be careful how you approach her. Make sure that you know all the details so that way sh ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if a boy thinks your pretty?

Being a boy, this should help. He'll look at you a lot, but then turn away really quick so that you don't notice him. When someone next to you is talking, his eyes may drift over to your face (for some reason we always do that, as if you're "irrisitable") and then won't look up for a while. He'll al ( Full Answer )

How do you get a boyfriend if you are not pretty?

There will always be somebody out there that thinks your pretty and beautiful, might not be the guy you like but there is somebody out there. Whether the same sex or not somebody will take you in for who you are. Just be yourself and keep smiling that person will find you one day or you never know t ( Full Answer )

Do you think it would be a good idea to lose my virginity to someone who is a good mate- but not a lover- and so won't be negative or mean-or should i hold out for a boyfriend who may dump me and brag?

It's not like your life should involve only either or. Don't lose your virginity until you WANT to, and lose it with a guy (or girl!) who you REALLY REALLY LIKE if not LOVE. Also, you should wait until age 18 if at all possible. Seriously. You will just know yourself a lot better the older you are.

You love your boyfriends best mate?

If you have not done anything sexual with them, it is just a desire. Doing wrong may seem right when you think about it, but it hurts the one you love. If you have done anything sexual, and you feel that you and his best friend have a better relationship, stop hurting your boyfriend and break up wit ( Full Answer )

What would you do if your boyfriend thinks some other girl is pretty?

I would cool it cuz I know that you think other guys are cute too. And maybe ur not even thinking of him being cute as in you want to go out with him... but just cute as in... well...CUTE. just plain and simple, it is what it is. So in other words, don't worry at all.=)

Why do fat girls think there pretty?

because when they walk by people they all turn around to marvel at the immensity of them well it realy is because they are staring the whole time and when they see u take a glimpse they hop on it like you just winked or something Thats somewhat true but i have a friend who is very over weight and ( Full Answer )

Do you think Jacqueline is a pretty name?

Yes becuz it iz da best name ever soo iz gina and gillian and angelique,erica , and Emily and kimberly and Ashley and brianna and amaya and Eli and other names....lolz......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeppers...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im 13 and my boyfriend is 15 and i think i love him. we have gone pretty far physicaly but we havent had sex. should we have sex?

You appear to be confusing Love with Sex. If you are both not ready to start a family you need to find a different hobby that you can both participate in. You, don't need to be complicating your adolescence with charges of underage sex, the risk of pregnancy and the chance for diseases that goes al ( Full Answer )

Does miley think shes pretty?

Yes, I do think Miley thinks she is pretty. If she didn't, she would have something wrong with her mind!

Why do girls think they are pretty?

BECAUSE THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!! from joely and ellie! xxxx ohk yeah that's true too, lol. - but why not ? ; its alllways good to have self connfidence & think you pretty when you look in the mirror. its not a bad thing. (;

Does Percy think that Annabeth is pretty?

Percy has made some remarks that hints that he thinks that Annabeth is pretty throughout the Percy Jackson series. He has referred her as 'cute' and seriously beautiful in a couple books of the series, and often blushes when she is around in the Last Olympian.

How do you know when your boyfriend is with his mate?

you know when he acts different towards you, and doesnt really respect you as much as when he is on his own. Never, ever take anything off of him that involves, being dumped or him flirting with another girl! hope i helped, harri x

Are you gay if you think a girl is pretty?

Of course not! I'm a girl and I think plenty of girls in my grade are pretty. This doesn't mean I have a crush on them, however. If you think you like-like this girl, then you are likely to be bisexual. Response . (I'm assumiing a you're a girl). You can tell if someone is attractive of the same ( Full Answer )

I like my boyfriends mate?

Don't do anything about it! Either stay with your boyfriend and get over the attraction or dump your boyfriend and stay AWAY from his friend. You will end up destroying their friendship and that's not right.

Should your soul mate be your boyfriend?

If you believe in soul mates then he should be your husband. Soul-mates are husband material if you see your boyfriend as potential husband material then he could very well be your husband. If your dating your soul-mate you better not let him go.

Can you stop thinking about sex and mating?

When you're young, you are highly sexed - but it calms down as you get older. Once you hit puberty you are constantly flooded with hormones that makes it hard to think of much besides sex. The healthiest way to handle it is to keep busy, physically and mentally. If you can absorb yourself in a proje ( Full Answer )

Is it wrong to think your pretty?

NOT AT ALLL its great to think your pretty!! gives yu self confidence which yu need,, and if yu think ur pretty,, just stay humble and don't go braggin about ittt :/ but yesss!! go on && keep thinkn yu beautiful

You do not think you are pretty?

I do think I am pretty in my own way beauty isn't just form the outside its from the inside! =^D

How do you get a boyfriend in 5th grade if your pretty?

Flirt with boys but don't flirt with too many boys because boysdon't like to flirt with girls. Be friends then share interests ask him be nice and be friends tohis friends then you try asking him out for lunch or movies thenwhen he finds out that he is falling for you he'll ask you if youcould be he ( Full Answer )

Why do models think they are not pretty?

The answer varies from model to model so there really is not objective way to answer this question. However, many models have said that they spent their early childhood and teen years being teased, which made it difficult for them to believe they were pretty/attractive, even after becoming involved ( Full Answer )

Why don't i have a boyfriend am i not pretty enough to have a boyfriend?

Dear friend, you don't need a boyfriend. Just because everyone in school is acting in certain ways, ie, dating, etc, does not mean you have to also. Don't be worried or concerned about dating or boys at this time. Try concentrating on school and spending good quality time with your family and friend ( Full Answer )

How do you get a pretty boyfriend when your half pretty?

Either way, you're still pretty. I'm not too sure what the 'half' means. You can't win everyone with looks, personality counts too. If he's a genuine nice guy, then he'll accept you for you and he'll think you're beautiful no matter what you look like. Good luck for whatever you choose to do :) x

What do you think of a soul-mate?

Soul mates are made, not found. In other words, someone becomes a soul mate through shared experience and consideration, one for another. A soul mate becomes tender to you when they truly know your soul and you theirs. That only comes through time and testing. Some people confuse soul mate with powe ( Full Answer )

How do you get your crush to like me and thinks I am pretty?

You can't make anyone like you. The important thing is to spend enough time on it to find out if they do and make them aware of your interest. Move on if they don't go for it. Don't change for anyone and your soulmate will find you sooner or later. For every bf or gf you will have in your life, ther ( Full Answer )

DO you think you're pretty?

This is based on opinion, but I think im average, nor ugly nor pretty, ive learnt to not hate my image but I havent learnt to love it either :)

What do you think about your boyfriend?

I think he's amazing and he makes me feel like I'm the only girl in the world. He's not my usual type at all because he's quite mysterious and secretive, but we both love each other for the people we are, and we both make each other feel special as if we are soul mates.