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What do japanese dragon tattoos mean?

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Where can one get a Japanese tattoo?

Japanese tattoo's can be obtained from a number of tattoo shops located in New York City, such as rising dragon tattoos. They offer a wide selection of Japanese Tattoos in their shop.

What do Japanese frog tattoos mean?

the Japanese frog means wisdom.

Do you have to have a dragon amulet for tattoos on Dragon Fable?

if you mean on your dragon, then yes. if you are talking about on your character, i have never heard of it. you have to have completed the fire orb saga to have any of the tattoos on your dragon, and also you must have visited lady Celestia and done a quest for her to be able to wield the primal elements (which are what the tattoos is)

What does ryuzaki mean in Japanese?

It Can mean Dragon Cape/Dragon/ or even Dinosaur.

What does a blue Japanese dragon mean?

The blue dragon is said to be a symbol of a leader in Japanese culture.

What are some tattoos that represent change?

the Japanese kio fish/dragon, and butterflies are a couple of many transformation tats

What does fire dragon mean in Japanese?

火竜 /ka ryuu/ means 'fire dragon' in Japanese.

What does a dragon tattoos mean?

Only the person wearing the tattoo can tell you what it means.

What does Ryujomaru mean in Japanese?

Round Dragon.

What is the Japanese word for white dragon?

白い竜 (shiroi ryuu) would mean "White Dragon" in Japanese.

Dragon tattoos in women?

Dragon tattoos were only seen on men in earlier years. However, since the late 1990's, dragon tattoos have become more popular among women.

What does hiryuu mean in Japanese?

It means flying dragon.

What does kokuryuu mean?

It means Black Dragon in Japanese

What does the Japanese word Ryutaro mean?

The dragon son

What does kiryu mean?

in japanese it refer to demon dragon

How do you say dragon of the earth in Japanese?

地球の竜 (chikyuu no ryuu) would mean "Dragon of the Earth" in Japanese.

What does ryuko mean?

Ryu means dragon in Japanese and ko means child in Japanese

Where can someone find photos of Japanese tattoos?

Photos of Japanese tattoos can be found all over the web. Searching an image directory with this specific term - "Japanese tattoos" - will yield a large number of results.

How do you say pink dragon in Japanese?

桃色の竜 /mo mo i ro no ryuu/ would mean 'pink dragon' in Japanese.

What does a yakuza tattoo mean?

unless the person is Japanese and from japan, nothing. Each Japanese tattoo is different, like the members of the yakuza. An oni can mean killer, or that the person is considered an oni or high ranking member. Though many of the tattoos are actually more...peace-ish meanings!~ dragon can mean fierousity, leadership, and is often the 'mascot' of the yakuza

How do you say Dragon in Japanese?

The Japanese word for Dragon is "Ryuu"

What does a dragon holding a ball mean?

the ball represents wisdom (as believed by the Japanese)

What does dragon men mean in Japanese?

龍の男 (ryuu no otoko)

What is the name of the Japanese gang with the tattoos?

The Yakuza

Japanese word for dragon?

Dragon is "ryuu" (ryoo) or "tatsu" (totsoo) in Japanese.