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What do labs like to eat?

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It's easy labs will eat everything that's food. Labs are the only type of dog that will eat and eat and never stop.


Everything. From towels to sticks to basketballs. My dog eats anything.

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Do yellow labs get excited to eat?

its not just yellow labs. its all labs

Can black labs eat cuccumbers?

well to be honest all labs are the same it doesent matter if there chocolate or black or golden labs and yes ofcourse they can eat cuccombers!

What do labs eat?

dog food

What do chocolate labs eat?

gravy bones

What is the height of black-labs?

22.5-24.5" in males and 21.5-23.5" in females like other labs.

What do yellow labs eat?

Meat, but if you own them you can feed them kibble.

Can black labs eat almonds?

No almonds are toxic to dogs.

What food do usaully labs eat?

Well I feed my two Labs (who are 8 and 10 years old) Weight Control Iams. They seem to like it alot, as I only have to look away for a couple of seconds - then they're bowls are clean.

Can labs eat chicken bones?

They can, but most people won't let them.

Do teacup chihuahuas like labradors?

No, but labs like chihuahuas.

What country do labrodors come from?

Canada, from a place called Labrador. Labs love water because they were bred as fishermen dogs, reeling in the nets. Also labs often like to put on a extra layer of fat because they needed extra warmth for diving in the icy water. But don't let them get too fat, labs will just eat anything.

What is the difference between legal drug labs and illegal drug labs?

legal is for medicine and illegal is for profitlegal would be prescription drugs illegal would be like meth labs

Do labs like to go for walks?

heck ya

Do yorkies like labs?

Yorkies and labs usually make very good pets together, both are friendly & loving dogs.

Why would a Labrador Retriever be a carnivore or omnivore?

Labs are omnivores. (can eat meat, fruits, and vegetables)

What is a roca labs gastric bypass?

The rico labs gastric bypass is when you ingest a liquid that expands to fill your stomach. Only 20% of your stomach will be available for food. You reduce how much you will eat by half.

What is a good dog kennel name and I have silver and charcoal labs?

I have heard of black labs, and chocolate labs, and even golden labs, but never SILVER or CHARCOAL labs.

What are brown labs like?

Brown Labs are known as Chocolate Labs and they are just like any other Labrador Retriever. Most dogs are usually smart, strong, strong willed, energetic, happy, excitable, and love people and other animals, especially kids most of the time!!

What adaptations do labrador retrievers have?

black labs, yellow labs, and choc. labs

What do chocolate labs like?

In general Labs love attention, love to play fetch, and love to be played with. they also love to be pet most labs love water although some do not they love stuffed toys (just to rip them up) and like to chew on anything in sight (mainly puppies)

Do poodles have web feet?

yes their feet are like a labs feet.

Where do forensic pathologist work and what their daily job is like?

they work in labs

Do black labs like to get high?

I would most certainly hope not!

Will your lab eat your new kitten?

I wouldn't think so... I mean, although labs are carnivorous, they would never hunt or kill something purposefully, and even if your kitten happened to expire, the thought would never cross your lab's mind to eat it. Labs are friendly dogs.

How are Google Labs accessed?

Google Labs can be accessed through the settings on a Gmail account. There should be an option labeled Labs that shows the labs available. The different labs can be enabled through this screen.