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If light rays did not travel through space there would be no way for them to reach Earth.


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No, it does not. It can travel through any open space. Sound, unlike light, needs a medium to travel. So light can travel through outer space but sound cannot because there is no medium.

no light does not need a medium to travel through

no, it travels through space without any medium

Yes, mechanical waves do need a medium in order to travel. Other waves, such as light, do not (thus they can travel through space).

Yes, light can travel in space. Light is an electromagnetic wave, and it doesn't need a medium to travel through. A medium is matter that mechanical waves use to travel. And of course, the sun is in space, and the light from it gets to us. In fact, it takes about 7 to 8 minutes for it to get here from the sun.

Sound waves need a medium to travel through - the medium may be solid, liquid, or gaseous. Electromagnetic waves (including light) can also travel through empty space.

Thermal energy in the form of infrared radiation can travel without a medium because the wave is transverse. Its the same thing as the sun's light traveling through space to strike the earth, light does not need a medium to propogate.

No, only surface and mechanical waves need a medium, compressional waves can travel through space. (Such as light from the Sun).I think light (EM) waves are the only ones that can travel through a vacuum. Sound waves require a medium.

Radiation is like light, it can travel through empty space. The "why" is a bit complex; basically, light, as well as similar radiations (including heat radiation) consists of electromagnetic waves. These can travel through empty space, since they are just waves in the electric and magnetic properties of space.

No. Space might as well be nothing, because it is, and light can still reach us through a huge vacuum. Light doesn't need a medium to travel so it could travel without matter

No. As an example, the light from the Sun travels through empty space to reach us.

As space lacks matter or substance and has total vacuum, it does not allow light or sound to travel through space. Sound and light need substance or particle medium to refract/reflect/travel form one point to another, hence the outer space is dark and silent.

Radiation can move through space because it is made up of light. Unlike sound, it doesn't need a medium (something it can go through) and it can travel through the vacuum. Only light can do this, and radiation can also move through air, obviously.

Light is an example of electromagnetic radiation. EM radiation unlike other waves of energy doesn't need a medium to travel through hence why light energy can travel from the sun to the earth through the vacuum of space.

UV rays are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes light, radio, x-ray, infrared, and other "waves". All of these travel through space as photons. Photons behave both as particles and as waves. Their particle nature lets them travel through space, where there is nothing to conduct them, as a wave would normally need.

a wave. Electromagnetic waves (such as light or radio waves) do not need a medium to travel through. Mechanical waves (such as sound waves) require a medium (matter) to travel through.

Electromagnetic waves don't need anything to travel. This kind of waves does not need a medium to move through, therefore they can even travel through outer space.

Light been found as electromagnetic wave does not need any material medium to get propagated. Even in free space (vacuum) it is able to travel.

no the only waves that can go through space is the electromagnetic waves and it doesnt need sound or matter to travel.compressional waves have to come off of something and travel{like sound} it cant travel because there is nothing to travel through.the vacuum of space is just nothing and only light can go through as well, but it takes time.

Light travels from earth to sun because of a process called radiation.In radiation, a traveling object or substance does not need a medium to be transmitted through. Unlike sound,which is transmitted through air or solids,light can travel in the total(or partial) vacuum of space.

Light. electromagnetic waves. **but be careful. Light is also a particle AND a wave. The light particle is called a photon, and although it always travels at the same speed (the speed of light) it can have different wavelengths. This is why we still see light from the Sun and stars. There is no medium in space, but since light does not need a medium to travel through, light can be observed still from great distances in the universe.

Light actually travels in waves.This is known to be true because there are only 3 ways that energy can be transferred. As you probably already know, light does not need a medium to travel through because it travels through space. Electromagnetic waves are the only form of energy transfer that do not require a medium to travel through.

Some waves called mechanical waves e.g sound need a medium to travel through while electromagnetic waves need no medium to travel through e.g light

outer space because you need some kind of physical material for sound to travel through and there's none of that in space

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