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Lotuses are symbols of purity and 'spontaneous' generation and hence symbolize divine birth. According to the Lalitavistara, 'the spirit of the best of men is spotless, like the new lotus in the [muddy] water which does not adhere to it', and, according to esoteric Buddhism, the heart of the beings is like an unopened lotus: when the virtues of the Buddha develop therein the lotus blossoms. This is why the Buddha sits on a lotus in bloom. In Tantrism, it is the symbol of the feminine principle. The lotuses are usually differentiated by their colour and grouping, in three or five flowers, which may or may not be combined with leaves. White lotus This symbolizes Bodhi, the state of total mental purity and spiritual perfection, and the pacification of our nature. It generally has eight petals corresponding to the Noble Eightfold Path of the Good Law. It is the lotus found at the heart of the Garbhadhatu Mandala, being the womb or embryo of the world. It is characteristic of the esoteric sects, and the lotus of the Buddhas. Red lotus This symbolizes the original nature of the heart (hrdaya). It is the lotus of love, compassion, passion, activity and all the qualities of the heart. It is the lotus of Avalokitesvara. Blue lotus This is the symbol of the victory of the spirit over the senses, of intelligence and wisdom, of knowledge. It is always represented as a partially opened bud, and (unlike the red lotus) its centre is never seen. It is the lotus of Manjusri, and also one of the attributes of Prajnaparamita, the embodiment of the 'perfection of wisdom'. Pink lotus This is the supreme lotus, generally reserved for the highest deity, sometimes confused with the white lotus it is the lotus of the historical Buddha. Purple lotus This is the mystic lotus, represented only in images belonging to a few esoteric sects. The flowers may be in full bloom and reveal their heart, or in a bud. They may be supported by a simple stem, a triple stem (symbolizing the three divisions of Garbhadhatu: Vairocana, lotus and vajra), or a quintuple stem (symbolizing the Five Knowledges of Vajradhatu). The eight petals represent the Noble Eightfold Path and the eight principal acolyte deities of the central deity on the mandalas. The flowers may also be depicted presented in a cup or on a tray, as a symbol of homage. from

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Q: What do lotus flower colors symbolize?
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What does a lavender lotus signify in Buddhism?

See:What do lotus flower colors symbolize?

What does a pink lotus flower symbolize?

What does the lotus flower symbolize in yoga?

The lotus flower is known for powerful symbolic meanings. Some of the things the lotus can symbolize in yoga are self realization, enlightenment, and spiritual growth.

What does the lotus flower symbolize?

The Lotus Flower means beauty and courage. It stands for purity in the mind and soul.

Is there a connection between the Bible and the lotus flower?

There isn't a connection between the Bible and a lotus flower. The lotus flower tends to symbolize the eastern religions. They are both spiritual symbols.

What does a lotus flower symbolize?

it symbolizes longevity in the Chinese culture.

What does lotus flower symbolize?

it symbolizes longevity in the Chinese culture.

What does the lotus flower symbolise and does the colour of the lotus flower change the meaning?

The lotus flower symbolizes sexual purity and non-attachment. When the petals of the flower are depicted as open it is said to symbolize one's soul growing and expanding. The blue lotus is said to symbolize rebirth, wisdom, and knowledge. The white flower is said to symbolize being awakened and spiritual purity and perfection. The purple flower symbolizes the eight noble truths of Buddhism. The pink flower represents Buddhism. The red flower represents the heart.

What does a lotus flower symbolize in the Vietnamese culture?

A lotus flower symbolises enlightenment, because it journeys through the murky water to the sunny bliss of Nirvana.

What does a orange lotus flower symbolize?

Lotus blossoms mean eternal beauty, especially in Buddhism. Tattoos are no different.

What does a purple lotus flower tattoo symbolize?

The purple lotus flower tattoo is usually associated with Buddhism, and is intended to represent a mystical view of spirituality. A red lotus symbolizes love.

In Buddhism what does the lotus flower symbolize?

It symbolizes purity (a lotus growing up out of a muddy pond is still pure) and enlightenment.

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