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The weight depends of geographic location, available prey, gender, age, and health.

It has been noted that lions of South Africa are frequently larger than those of East Africa, subject to differing prey selection.

In Kruger Park, the weights of 344 lions ages 4 and above were recorded. Males portrayed an average of 187.5 kg (413 lbs). During this study it was discovered that lions continued to increase in girth and acquired their full weight around age seven, after which point, they declined in mass. Thus the study reflects a mean based on growth fluctuation. Males in their prime averaged 196 kg (432 lbs). The largest lion in this study (Age 5) harbored a mass of 225 kg (496 lbs). Another male, age 10, weighed 206 kg (454 lbs.). Stomach contents were not included in the weights of the 344 Kruger big cats. Females were on average 63 kg smaller than their opposite gender companions.

In Rhodesia, male lions presented a mean of 193.3 kg (426.2 lbs), the largest of which was 215.9 kg (476 lbs). Kalahari males weigh an average of 188.4 kg (415.4 lbs), with the heaviest cat hitting the scales at 214 kg (471 lbs). The weights of 17 lions were recorded in Zimbabwe (5 males, 12 females) with a range of 105(f)-211(m) kg (231-465 lbs). 18 individuals weighed by Smithers and Wilson sustained an average of 202 kg (445 lbs).

Although some lions have been recorded at 250 kg (550 lbs) plus, the average for the South African lion appears to be 180-190 kg (400-420 lbs). In East Africa, males have the potential to attain masses seen in South African lions, but they average less, 174 kg (383 lbs), the bulkiest being 204 kg (449.7 lbs). This trend is also observed in the Asiatic lion, P. Leo persica. The reason for this contrast in mass, as cited by Turner, Smuts, Schaller, Mitra, etc... resides with the matter of available prey and habitat.

Some of the biggest lions ever recorded consist of a 272 kg (599 lbs) male cattle-eater from Kenya, a 313 kg (690 lbs) man-eater lion from Transvaal, a 264 kg (585 lbs) beast from S.A, and a 251 kg (553 lbs) male from Transvaal.

African lions grow much larger in captivity. The fabled 'Rutledge' weighed 365 kg (807 lbs). 'Simba', the largest lion in captivity recorded in history, weighed 375 kg (826 lbs).
Weights for adult African lions range between 150-250 kg for males and 120-182 kg for females. Females are much smaller than males both in size and weight.

Their Asian counterpart - the Asian Lion is smaller in size and weight when compared to the African lion.
Weights for adult African lions range between 150-250 kg for males and 120-182 kg for females. Females are much smaller than males both in size and weight.

Their Asian counterpart - the Asian Lion is smaller in size and weight when compared to the African lion.
It is about 181 kg. Some specimens can reach up to 260 kg, but these cases are rare and sometimes include the stomach content, which in a male lion could be up to 35 kg.

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How much does a male lion normally weigh?

Male lions can weigh up to 250 kg.

Do male lions weigh the same as females?

No. They weigh around 50 kgs more than female lions.

Does a male lion weigh 90kg?

No, adult male lions weigh anywhere from 330 - 500 pounds (150 - 227 kg).

How much does a male lion weigh?

An adult male lion can weigh between 330 and 420 pounds.

What is the weight of a white lion?

Male lions can weigh as much as 550 pounds.

How big and how heavy do lions get to be?

Male lions weigh between 320 and 530 pounds. They reach a height of 4ft. They have a 9ft long body, with a 3ft long tail.Females are the same, but they weigh 250 pounds. :)Male lions exceed 250 kg (550 ibs) in weight.

How large do the lions get?

A male lion can weigh as much as 550 pounds.

Do female lions eat first or male lions?

Male lions

What is the wait of a African lion?

The second largest cat, male lions average around 410 pounds.Some exceptional lions can weigh over 600 pounds.

What is the average weight of an adult male mountain lion?

Male mountain lions generally weigh about 115 to 220 pounds (53 to 100 kilograms).

How many pounds does a mountain lion weigh?

A male Mountain Lion can weigh up to 100-150 pounds. Female Mountain Lions weigh up to 90-120 pounds.

How big can lions get?

Male lions can grow to be 10 feet in length and weigh between 330 and 550 pounds. Females are much smaller. They grow to be around nine feet long and weigh between 250 and 400 pounds.

How large are African lions?

A really big male can be nine and a half feet long, and weigh nearly 500 pounds.

Do male and female lions look different?

Yes, male lions have manes.

Do lions weigh more than deer?

yes,lions weigh more than deer.

How many pounds does a jungle lion weigh?

There are no jungle lions as they prefer to live in the savanna. Adult male lions can reach 550 pounds.

What is a group of young male lions called?

A coalition is a group of male lions living apart from a pride.

How many male and female lions are there in a pride?

Normally 1-2 male lions, and 5-6 female lions

How are lions made?

Lions are made from the reproduction of male and female lions.

Are 2 male lions in a pride related?

No male lions in pride are related to the other lions.Once the domanate male gets old he would proberly be taken over by younger male lions

How much do male mountain lions weigh?

Male mountain lions can weight up to 160 pounds.

Why do male lions kill other male lions?

male lions kill other male lions to proctect their pride or to get a pride. if the current leader of the pride is defeated the other male kills the cubs (baby lions) so that the female lions will mate with him.but it is quite rare for them to fight to the death usaully the current leader or the challenger will give up before one of them dies.

Who are predators to lions?

Except humans and male lions, there are no major predators for the lions

Are male lions different from female lions?

Male lions are different from female because male ones are a lot larger and they have hair around the head but female lions don't. Female lions are also referred to as "lionesses". Also, female lions do most of the hunting in the pride. While the lionesses hunt, the male lions stay near and watch over the cubs. Male lions are also known for being the leaders of the pride. The leader is the one who challenges and fights other male lions from other prides. In a pride, there is a lot more females than males also.

Is there a special name for male lions?

alpha male alpha male is only the name of the head lion. the other male lions have to specific name that I know of.