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Intelligence, self confidence, pleasant personality, good humor, cleanliness, taking care of one's self. I'm Guessing the same attractive features as any other man would like them. one difference is probably they'll look if the woman is super smart like them.

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Q: What do nerdy but successful men find attractive in a woman?
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Do Black guys find accents attractive?

Black guys find a woman with an accent very attractive.

Do men find Greek woman attractive?

Of course!(;

Why men don't like nerd girls?

The statement that men do not like nerdy girls is not completely true. Many men find intelligence attractive in a woman. Any man who does not like a girl who happens to be a nerd is probably insecure in himself.

Do men find that they are sexually attractive to all woman?

Certainly not.

Does a Capricorn man find a Pisces woman attractive?


In general do Brazilian men find white women attractive?

It probably depends on how attractive the white woman is.

Can someone be too successful that they become intimidating making them less attractive?

I don't think there are many women out there who find the fact that a man is highly successful to be an unattractive quality. The reverse is probably less true. I think there are some guys who are intimidated by a highly successful woman. However, if you are a successful woman, I doubt if you would be interested in a man who is so insecure about who and what he is. Therefore, I wouldn't worry about becoming "less attractive" by being successful because the only ones you would be missing out on you probably don't want anyway.

What does a younger woman find attractive about older men?

Money. ;P

What do men find most attractive in a woman?

depends what the man is attracted to.

How can a woman make herself unattractive to men?

Men find women of all sizes, shapes, colors and features attractive. For every woman, there is a man to find her attractive. However, after the first look, men (apart from the most shallow of men) will look deeper than appearance. An attractive woman is one who is genuine, accepts others for who they are and doesn't put others down. An attractive woman almost always has an attractive personality. Make the personality mean or spiteful, and the woman begins to look a whole lot less attractive.

What is the body part that woman find most attractive about a man?

For me its his eyes and his facial features

Do Women Find Disabled Men Attractive?

That all depends on the woman. Each woman carries her own preference in men.

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