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Intelligence, self confidence, pleasant personality, good humor, cleanliness, taking care of one's self. I'm Guessing the same attractive features as any other man would like them. one difference is probably they'll look if the woman is super smart like them.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-30 01:19:37
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Q: What do nerdy but successful men find attractive in a woman?
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Do men find Greek woman attractive?

Of course!(;

Why men don't like nerd girls?

The statement that men do not like nerdy girls is not completely true. Many men find intelligence attractive in a woman. Any man who does not like a girl who happens to be a nerd is probably insecure in himself.

Do men find that they are sexually attractive to all woman?

Certainly not.

Does a Capricorn man find a Pisces woman attractive?


In general do Brazilian men find white women attractive?

It probably depends on how attractive the white woman is.

Can someone be too successful that they become intimidating making them less attractive?

I don't think there are many women out there who find the fact that a man is highly successful to be an unattractive quality. The reverse is probably less true. I think there are some guys who are intimidated by a highly successful woman. However, if you are a successful woman, I doubt if you would be interested in a man who is so insecure about who and what he is. Therefore, I wouldn't worry about becoming "less attractive" by being successful because the only ones you would be missing out on you probably don't want anyway.

What do men find most attractive in a woman?

depends what the man is attracted to.

Do Women Find Disabled Men Attractive?

That all depends on the woman. Each woman carries her own preference in men.

Do women find men wearing stockings attractive?

No. There is no reason for men to be wearing stocking, unless they are dressing as a woman, and I don't believe most women would find that attractive.

Do girls think that guys who play video games are nerdy?

Some girls may find this to be nerdy; however several girls do not find it nerdy as well. It all truly just depends on the girl.

What do women find physically attractive in a man?

Each woman is different. We aren't made from a computer code.

Is roblox nerdy?

Well.. Its your opinion. I dont think it is. Its pretty fun, but some people may find it nerdy :P

Which is more attractive to women Guitar Bass or Drums?

well I'm a woman and find both equally attractive- as long as it is something you are passioante about and good at they'll be impressed :P

What do girls find attractive in a man?

Each woman has their own specials likes and desires. Some like a nice face, a nice body, intellect, humour - it varies from woman to woman.

How do you be the most prettiest woman in the world?

You have to love yourself first. In order to love yourself you have to respect yourself. For example, go workout, go to the salon and doll up, pamper yourself. All that is loving yourself. When you treat yourself to pleasure then you will find yourself attractive. When you find yourself attractive then others will find you attractive.

How do you get a women to be attracted to you?

If you are not attractive you must replace your physical features with confidence and potential. You can see a lot of men who are totally unattractive with totally attractive women. They achieved this with their potential to be successful (money/career) and confidence. However, not all women are the same. The woman you are interested maybe have different quirks than others. You must find these and play them to your advantage.

Do you find jamaican woman atractive?

Jamaican women are some of the most attractive in the world today. Most people find them smart, beautiful, and desirable.

Do Black guys find accents attractive?

Black guys find a woman with an accent very attractive.

Do white men find black woman attractive in real life and not just in the rare movies that their in?

Well, that's tough to answer. Understand that all guys are different; but for me, I try to look past the skin. So if a black woman is a great person on the inside, then she would be just as attractive to me as any white woman.

What do men find attractive in a woman?

Boobs !! ;p Especcially Big ones the bigger the better. But fake boobs are unnatural.

What part of a mans body do women find attractive?

Depends on each woman. I always like the eyes. They tell you a lot about him.

Do men find petite woman attractive?

It depends on the men. Many do and many dont. It just varies on the men's attraction.

Does a Virgo man find a Capricorn woman attractive?

i dont think it matters about your signs... lol and if you want to know then ask him :)

What does it mean when a Girl becomes a Cougar when their older than a Guy?

It means the older woman is very attractive and all guys (younger than her and older than her) find her attractive and want to pursue her.

Where can I shop online for nerdy shirts?

One of the best places to find nerdy shirts is I'm sure you will find what you are looking for in that website and also get a good deal since they always have lots of them.