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What do people in Turkey eat on Thanksgiving?

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In Turkey they don't celebrate Thanksgiving.

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Do turkey eat turkey for Thanksgiving?

No, because if they eat other turkey for Thanksgiving it would be like you eating other people.

Do people eat Turkey?

Of course they do, we all eat Turkey on thanksgiving

Do people eat something on Thanksgiving?

A tradition is for turkey to be ate on Thanksgiving.

What do Americans eat on Thanksgiving?

They eat turkeyAmericans traditionally eat Turkey on thanksgiving.

Why shouldn't people eat turkey on thanksgiving?

Because they can become extinct and then what would you eat for thanksgiving day.

Why is thanksgiving day represented by a turkey?

because people eat turkey on T.D

What did people eat during Thanksgiving?

They would have hunted a Turkey.

Do people from Turkey have Thanksgiving?

No. Thanksgiving is an exclusively US American holiday. Turkish people do not celebrate it. Additionally, Turkish people do not eat turkey as often as US Americans do.

What percent of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day?

86% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

Why don't we eat fish on Thanksgiving?

because in this celebrity people normally eat turkey.

What did people eat at Thanksgiving?

Most Likely, they would have hunted a Turkey.

Why can't you eat a turkey on Thanksgiving?

That's perfectly allowed. You're actually supposed to eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

Why do you eat turkey?

we eat turkey on thanksgiving day because the pilgrims and the Indians use 2 eat turkey that is why we eat turkey

How many pounds of turkey do people eat on Thanksgiving?

different families eat a different amount of turkey so it just depends.

How Thanksgiving is celebrated in the US?

In america, people gather with their families on thanksgiving and eat turkey and other delicious food.

Why wont a turkey eat on Thanksgiving?

Because the main dish on thanksgiving is well..... a turkey hahaha :)

What holiday do you call 'Turkey Day'?

They call Thanksgiving turkey day because most people eat turkey on that day.

What eat a turkey?

I do on Thanksgiving xD

What did every body eat during the first Thanksgiving?

People ate Turkey, Corn and Beans. This is because Turkey comes from the Pilgrims and Corn and Beans come from the Native Americans. This is why it's been a tradition to eat Turkey on Thanksgiving.

Why do you eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

we eat turkey on thanksgiving day because the pilgrims and the Indians use 2 eat turkey that is why we eat turkeybecause when thanksgiving started in 1621 they ate a turkey first then anything else

What percent of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

98% of Americans eat turkey on thanksgiving according to the show "unwrapped" on the food network.

Do most people eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

Most people eat turkey on Thanksgiving because it is an old tradition, many people like that old tradition! They should change the turkey to another food, some people think that thanksgiving is about turkey not giving thanks. An alternate answer: Thanksgiving is predominately a North American holiday celebrated in the US and Canada. The world population is approaching 7 billion. The population of the US + Canada is approximately 335 million. This is approximately 4.8 % or Earth's human population. As such most people do not eat turkey at thanksgiving as the vast majority of Earth's population don't celebrate it as a holiday!

Did the pilgrams eat turkey on the first Thanksgiving?

Did the pilgarms really eat turkey during Thanksgiving? no as in "turkey" they ment any kind of bird so they didnt ate any turkey

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