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To carry out respiration plants need the same things as you do!

To carry out aerobic respiration they need a food source eg glucose, and oxygen:

glucose + oxygen ----> water + carbon dioxide + ENERGY

To carry out anaerobic respiration they ony need a source of food:

glucose ----> carbon dioxide + ethanol (alcohol) + ENERGY

It is important to realise that plants Cary out respiration all of the time, just as your cells do. Also, remember that respiration is the release of energy from food, not breathing.


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Q: What do plants need to under go respiration?
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Is aerobic respiration in plants or animals?

Both, all living things under go respiration as they all need energy to live

Do plants undergo cellular respiration?

YesYes of course they under go respiration. Every organism under go respiration

Only animals undergo respiration?

false ,plants need to under go respiration too in order to survive because the glucose created in photosynthesis stores energy and the plant needs to break the chemical bonds of glucose, which cellular respiration does, to get energy

Why do plants go through the process of respiration?

They have tO go through respiration to make food

Do plants and animals go through cellular respiration?

Yes, they do. Mostly any organism containing cells will go through cellular respiration. Plants and Animals have different body systems, the cardiovascular and respiratory being involved in cellular respiration. The cells need oxygen to survive, therefore they respirate to be able to.

Do plants go through cell respiration?


What do plants go through during photosynthesis?

cellular respiration

Can plants photosynthesise under water?

ofc they can and do the deeper you go the lesser coral or plants ; they need to be in contact with sunlight to do photosynthesis

What do plants need to under go photosynthsis?

For plants to photosynthesise, they need sunlight, water, co2, nutrients from the soil they then use the suns energy to power the reaction.

Do plant cells need to carry out respiration explain?

Plant cells do go through certain types of Respiration. This is because like some animals, plants can extract energy from food molecules, this energy is called glucose. They do this process through cellular respiration.

Do plant cells need to carry out respiration Explain.?

Plant cells do go through certain types of Respiration. This is because like some animals, plants can extract energy from food molecules, this energy is called glucose. They do this process through cellular respiration.

Why do small fish go to aquatic plants?

Small fish go to the aquatic plants for gathering food and as hideouts. These fish also get oxygenated water near aquatic plants for respiration.

What evidence indicates that plants can produce carbon dioxide through the cellular respiration?

When plants go through cellular respiration, they use carbon dioxide and emit oxygen as a waste product. There is no evidence that plants also produce carbon dioxide.

Do all cells go through cellular respiration?

Yes - all cells need to undergo respiration to survive.

Does a nucleus undergo cellular respiration?

No,nucleus do not under go respiration.Organell is the mitochondria.

Where does the oxygen go in cellular respiration in plants?

gobind basra my friend at herschel grammar school

Why do plants and animals rely on each other for the process of photosynthesis and cellular respiration?

Photosynthesis: Plants do the Photosynthesis, if they don't, they die. If the plants die, then herbivores will die out and the carnivores will go with them.Cellular Respiration:

Why do plants grow bigger when they get more sunlight?

because they can then under go photosynthesis, which provides them with the basic nutrients and carbohydrates that they need to grow.

What indoor plants do not need sunlight?

All plants need sunlight so they can go through photosynthesis.

How do the raw products of photosynthesis and respiration travel where they need to go?

they travel in the air

How do you know plants respire?

Plants don't actually breathe like humans, however they do go through a similar process called respiration. The small holes under a plant's leaves called a stomata lets oxygen and carbon dioxide in and out. By Manisha Nautiyal

What kingdoms use aerobic respiration?

It can be seen in all.Many organisms under go both methods

Do plants carry out respiraton?

Well, if you mean cellular respiration yes all living things go thorough cellular respiration, if you mean breathing as in then gas exchange yes, both plants and animals exchange gases, however if you mean the pumping of air in and out of the body, then only animals do that, so it depends on what you mean by respiration.

Do plants have cellular respiration?

Plants, like the majority of evolved organisms, do use cellular respiration in order to convert energy stored in chemical bonds into usable energy. They do not use it for energy from the sun; this is photosynthesis. Plants do go through photosynthesis more than cellular respiration, so the net effect is a production of glucose and oxygen and consumption of water and carbon dioxide.

What do plants need from the environment to go through photosynthesis?

Plants need Carbon Dioxide (CO2), water (H2O), and energy (sunlight) in order to go through photosynthesis.