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they help the doctors, they check your blood pressure, they help deliver babies, and they help with any medications!

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Are registered nurses the same as nurses?

Yes, they are. A nurse is a general term for different types of nurses but does include registered nurses.

How much do registered nurses make a week?

How much do registered nurses make a week?

Do licensed practical nurses earn more than registered nurses?

Normally Registered Nurses make more than Licensed Practical Nurses.

What are all the different kinds of registered nurses?

There are no specific kinds or registered nurses. Nurses can specialize in different types of care and obtain different certifications. The next step up from registered nurse is nurse practitioner, or below an registered nurses are licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants.

What has a higher position a registered nurse or a neunatal nurse?

Neonatal nurses are a subset of registered nurses.

When was Association of periOperative Registered Nurses created?

Association of periOperative Registered Nurses was created in 1949.

How much money does a registered practical nurse earn?

There are no registered practical nurses. There are either registered nurses or practical nurses. A registered nurse has an average salary of $55,000 per year while a licensed practical nurse averages $40,380 per year.

Are school nurses registered nurses?

Yes, for public school systems, they typically are Registered Nurses. Some school districts may allow Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) or Licensed Vocations Nurses (LVNs) to be a school nurse.

How many members of congress are registered nurses?

there are 7 congress nurses

What do registered nurses specialize in?


What do the registered nurses do on the job?


Do registered nurses get vacations?

Registered nurses only get vacation time when their doctors are done screwing them!! lolIn Australia, when Registered Nurses work full time shift work, they are entitled to 6 weeks paid leave each year..

Why do registered nurses get paid more than licensed practical nurses?

Their scope of practice is different, licensed practical nurses aren't allowed to do as much as an registered nurse hence the difference in pay.

What is the approximate salary of registered nurses?


Who is ahead of registered nurses?

A nurse practioner

Which country pays Registered Nurses the most?


Are registered nurses government employees?

yes they are

How many nurses in the US?

As per 2012, there are 2909357 licensed registered nurses in the USA.

What types of MacMillian nurses are there?

MacMillian nurses are nurses that specialize in either chemotherapy, breast cancer or pediatrics. There are 3,707 registered MacMillian nurses in England.

What is the average starting salary for an entry level Registered Nurse in Connecticut?

The entry level salary for registered nurses per year is $45,000. Registered nurses can earn upwards of $90,000 per year.

How long do registered nurses go to school for?

how long do registered nurses go to school for?

What type of nurses mainly work in the intensive care unit?

mainly registered and enrolled nurses

What do registered nurses wear during work?


How much do Registered nurses make in Australia?

Not enough!!

What are the names of registered nurses in the Philippines?

Donalyn Acar