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What do science and engineering students buy?

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food, drinks, cloths, a few condoms if lucky...

Abdul kalam:
My personal opinion is that they use to buy lot of Cell phones to show case themselves at classes, Muscular bikes.
Very few tend to spend their parents hard earned money in investing to buy local author books other than what colleges offering them, taking extra courses and very few in donating to charities by taking part in club activities.
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What would be the best name for computer science engineering students association?

roger tech

Is science and engineering right for students who are excellent at math but terrible at writing essays?


Does MIT have Washington accord accreditation?

The following MIT degree programs are accredited by the Washington Accord:Computer Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Bachelor of Science)Aerospace Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Aerospace Engineering - Information Technology (Bachelor of Science)Chemical Biological Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Chemical Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Civil Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Computer Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Bachelor of Science)Electrical Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Engineering - Course 2A (Bachelor of Science)Environmental Engineering Science (Bachelor of Science)Materials Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Mechanical and Ocean Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Nuclear Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Science)

Why is engineering an application of science?

Because many of the best science students become engineers, and then they use what they know best to do their engineer stuff.

What are the most popular majors at MIT?

Course 6 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) is the most popular. Course 2 (Mechanical Engineering) is also very popular. Most students do engineering, and slightly fewer do pure science.

Can commerce students do any type of engineering?

by my information i can tell you that you can take computer engineering for sure if you chose computer science (IT) instead of mathematics.

Why do cs students learn engineering graphics?

Engineering graphics is also a part of Computer Science. They can make engines which support physics and graphics.

What are the different fields in arts?

if you have an interest in arts then for you there are thousands of fields .It is not necessary that every student must study science or engineering it is wrong concept that jobs are only for science or engineering students there are many jobs for arts students so the conclusion of answer is that just go for arts .

What should all students who are interested in careers in physical science or engineering be prepared to study other than science courses?

math courses

How many incoming engineering freshmen are at Berkeley?

In fall 2010, approximately 50,382 students applied as freshman, with about 13,000 admitted. This is an admit rate of approximately 25.8%. Of those who were admitted, approximately 5,200 enrolled. According to the college facts page on the Berkeley Engineering website: Number of Students by Department: Spring 2010 Undergraduate Graduate Bioengineering 410 154 Civil & Environmental Engineering 398 340 Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences 922 509 Industrial Engineering & Operations Research 112 59 Materials Science & Engineering 104 85 Mechanical Engineering 556 304 Nuclear Engineering 54 56 Engineering Others* 252 30 Subtotal 2,808 1,537 Total students 4,345 *includes Computational Engineering Science, Engineering Mathematics and Statistics, Engineering Physics and Environmental Engineering Science. While this doesn't exactly answer your question, the subtotal undergraduate engineering students at Berkeley is 2,808, and if you divide this by 4 (approximate 4 years of undergraduate), it means that APPROXIMATELY 700 students are freshmen. Therefore, probably about 700 of the 5,200 admitted/enrolled UC Berkeley students are engineering.

Do you suck at physics and engineering if you are good at math but bad at computer science?

I don't think so! Long before there were computers (and computer science), there were brilliant physics and engineering students and they obviously were good at math.

Will you suck at physics and engineering if you are good at math but bad at computer science?

I don't think so! Long before there were computers (and computer science), there were brilliant physics and engineering students and they obviously were good at math.

Why is it that engineering and computer science students are mainly guys?

Because more guys are interested in science. I haven't seen any girl inventors. Yet.

Which institutes provide summer training for B-Tech students in computer science and engineering?

navneetiitsolution in kanpur

What does it mean if all girls who study computer science and engineering blush dark red with only one of the male engineering students and not the rest?

They're all doing him.

How has engineering science improved engineering?

Engineering science has improved engineering and how precise engineers can be with the advancements in technology and new machinery.

What are the hardest courses in college?

Honestly, the hardest courses in college vary depending upon the students talents or lack there of. The hardest courses for me in college were: Physics (my teacher talked about his family every lecture time, instead of describing how Physics worked), and Trigonometry (the class deals with a lot of shapes, and has too many formulas that you will NEVER utilize in real life). The hardest courses in College are the ones you are not interested in. If you get a teacher that does not suit your learning style then you will still do well if you are interested in the subject because you will get the information from other sources. The best teacher in the world cannot teach you much if you are uninterested.

Which are the good colleges in Sweden for an master of science in transportation engineering and which offers scholarship for non EU students?

Chalmers in Gothenburg

Is artificial intelligence science or engineering?

John McCarthy defined it as "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines"So the answer is : Both ( Science and Engineering )

Science summer camps in Florida?

There are lots of summer camps for aspiring science students. Check out for a list of some that run near you.

What fields of science contribute to environmental science?

Mainly; Energy, Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Renewable Engineering, and Electronic Engineering.

Is civil engineering science?

No, civil engineering is an engineering field. As in all fields of engineering it is a mixture of science, art, aesthetics. etc.

Is Bsc Computer Science means Bachlor of Engineering?

Bsc Computer Science does not mean Bachelor or Engineering. It means Bachelor of Science Computer Science. Bachelor of Engineering is B.Engr.

Is science the same thing as engineering?

No. Science is the understanding of "something". Engineering is the actual doing of "something". You can have engineering without science (think Roman aqueducts) and you can have science without the engineering (interstellar travel). But they do fit together well.

Are science students brighter than art students?

art students think science students do