Seabirds and Shorebirds

What do sea birds eat?


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Seabirds are omnivores.

Some seabirds are omnivorous, many others are more specialized, feeding particularly on fish, the species and size of which will depend on the size and species of the bird. So, big birds will eat bigger fish.

Other birds feed on marine invertebrates, such as shrimps.


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yes sharks do eat sea birds if they are flouting in the water if it is eatable and the shark can chach it, it will eat anything

Normally birds eat what they can get.They eat any fish if it is possbile.

Yes, sea birds commonly eat plankton. They also commonly munch on worms, other sea creatures, and tiny aquatic fish.

Usually when they are around the sea area. The majority of the fresh water that sea birds need comes from their prey.

Sperm whales are SEA CREATURES. You don't expect them to eat birds, do they?

Birds and sea otters, will eat sea stars.

starfish , snails, eels, birds, fish, sea otters eat sea urchins

Fish and plankton from the sea.

Bird such as ptarmigan and sea birds

Most seals do eat birds from time to time. Some eat penguins and other sea birds while others simply stick to penguins.

during the night when they surface ,if the birds are still awake? O.o

They die by when there heading to the sea birds get hungry so they eat them a lunch

Yes, since they are sea birds (puffins) they normally eat fish, shrimp is a type of fish in the sea.

Not all birds. Only sea birds such as seagulls. Seagulls would eat the bigger ones, and smaller shorebirds eat sandcrabs and other crustacians under the sand.

Yes they do eat sea turtles as well as fish, sea-birds, penguins, seals, squid, otters, and walruses.

hi there the sea eagle will eat there young but if it is a pigeon [small bird wont] but bird that eat other birds will

They eat theseaweed and the poop from the sea the poop is from birds such as ducks or swans or any thing that lives in the sea. That is what water beetles eat.

Yes , they are predatory. Raptors.

Birds, rats and other things

No, rattlesnakes do not eat sea life. They prefer to feed on small mammals, such as rats and mice, as well as birds.

Some birds can hunt at sea. Others eat before they attempt such a crossing. Eat when they get to the other side.

A tiger shark will eat anything and everything that it comes across. It eats fish, squid, birds, seals, sharks and sea turtles. The tiger shark is known as the garbage can of the ocean. well they eat fish,seals,sea turtles,sea snakes,sea birds,octopuses,dolphins,many other sharks.they eat nearly EVERYTHING in the ocean!

Sea eagles eat a variety of fish, rodents, and even snakes. They will even eat swans and other large birds and are known to hunt turtles.

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