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They are both means of reproduction, used to form offspring(s). They also both require the transfer of DNA.

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What does sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction not have in common?

Suck it

What does asexual and sexual reproduction have in common?

Sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction both result in offspring. Sexual reproduction involves two parents, while asexual reproduction involves one parent (usually a cell) splitting and creating a duplicate of itself.

What does asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction have in common?

They both result in offspring.

Is asexual reproduction more common or less common than sexual reproduction?

more common

Contrast sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction?

sexual reproduction has sex cells asexual reproduction does not.

Compare asexual reproduction with sexual reproduction?

asexual and sexual reproduction is the same because they both are sexual

Is cloning sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction?

asexual reproduction

Is fertilization a part of sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction?

Both sexual and asexual

Is regeneration sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction?


What are two types of reproduction?

The main categories of reproduction are sexual and asexual. Two types of reproduction are asexual and sexual reproduction.

Does asexual reproduction contribute to sexual variation?

Asexual reproduction does not contribute in sexual variation because no meiosis is involved in asexual reproduction which is basic source of variation .Perpetual asexual reproduction can contribute to sexual variation due to mutations.

Do dogs have asexual and sexual reproduction?

Sexual Reproduction

Is a jellyfish sexual or asexual reproduction?

asexual reproduction A jellyfish is not just asexual but sexual too. They're both.

Is an apple seed sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction?


Are vegetative propagation sexual or asexual reproduction?

Asexual reproduction.

Mushroom asexual or sexual reproduction?

A mushroom is Asexual reproduction

Do animals do sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction?

They engage in sexual reproduction.

Do plants have sexual or asexual reproduction?

Both asexual and sexual.

Is reproduction for angiosperms sexual or asexual?

vegetative propagation and pollination, both sexual AND asexual reproduction.

Is mitosis a form of sexual or asexual?

Mitosis is a form of asexual reproduction Meiosis is sexual reproduction

What does sexual and asexual reproduction have in common?

The pollen still lands on the stamen.

Do sea urchins use sexual or asexual reproduction?

I think its asexual reproduction.

Asexual reproduction is to one as sexual reproduction is to?

asexual reproduction is to 1 as sexal reproduction is to 2

What are some advantages of asexual and sexual reproduction?

Sexual reproduction promotes genetic diversity whereas asexual reproduction is reliable.

Do fungi have asexual or sexual reproduction?

fungi have sexual reproduction.