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What do students from UCLA and USC have in common?

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It's UCLA in sports. USC is good at football and other MAJOR Sports, but ucla win more trophy. USC good film program


how much does housing cost in UCLA cost? how much does housing cost in USC? how much does housing cost in USC? who has more football wins UCLA or USC?

The difference between USC and UCLA is that USC stands for either the University of Southern California or the University of South Carolina while UCLA stands for University of California, Los Angeles. USC is also a private school while UCLA is a state school.

USC played UCLA at December 4, 2010 USC won 28-14

UCLA students can do whatever they want.

UCLA has an overall record of 521-351-37, USC has an overall record of 742-300-54, so USC has more overall wins by 221 games.

No. John Wayne played football for USC not UCLA.

No, he played for USC.

The teams vie for the Victory Bell which the winning team keeps until the next USC/UCLA game and paints the school's colors.

Over 33,000 students are enrolled in UCLA

By winning the annual USC-UCLA rivalry

definetely USC or UCLA, in California

Because people who go to USC could not get into UCLA, so USC is referred to as the University of Second Choice.

There are 25,928 undergraduates and 11,548 graduate students that attend UCLA.

UCLA has 108 and USC has 99.

UCLA USC Harvard Peperdine

It is either Stanford or ucla or usc

USC students hail from 112 countries, and all 50 states in the United States.

No. USC students, even freshmen, are not required to live on campus. The USC website contains the following question and answer below on this point. "Is living on campus mandatory? No. USC students are not required to live on campus or in USC-owned housing; only 43% of students actually do live on campus."

USC leads 43 to 28 and there have been 7 ties.

Through 2006, USC leads the series 41 to 28, with 7 ties.

Like other college students, USC students like to go to parties. Parties on fraternity row, particularly on Thursday nights, are particularly popular at USC and students do not have to belong to a fraternity to be admitted to some of these parties. USC students also love to go to Trojan football games. For fun, USC students also go to concerts, movies and other events in Los Angeles (the entertainment capital of the world) and spend time at the beach.

Tailgate Takedown - 2010 USC vs- UCLA 1-1 was released on: USA: 6 January 2010