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banannas , plants , bugs ect. depends what kind of animal

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Q: What do the animals that live in the rainforest eat?
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What eats rainforest plants?

There are many animals that live in the rainforest that eat rainforest plants. These animals include but are not limited to the capybara and the Howler monkey.

What kind of animals eat bananas in that live in the rainforest?


How many animals live in the rainforest?

there are 3000 animals live in the rainforest

What do Amazon rainforest animals eat?

Herbivorous rainforest animals dine on leaves, grasses, bark, and other vegetable matter. Carnivorous rainforest animals eat other rainforest animals.

Do any animals that live in the rainforest drink water or eat?

All animals which live in the rainforest both eat and drink. The rainforest is an ecosystem, and organisms within that ecosystem must drink water, and are dependent on other organisms for their food needs.

Do chipmunks live in a rainforest?

Many small animals, such as chipmunks live in the rainforest. Chipmunks like to eat seeds that fall on the forest floor.

Why is important to have animals in the rainforest?

well its an environment now figure out the rest

Where do animals in a rainforest live?

in the rainforest

What animals in the tropical rainforest eat lizards?

what animals in lizards in the rainforest

How does the sun effect the rainforest?

the sun affects the rainforest by helping all the plants grow and making the animals eat and live.

Why rainforest animals live in the canopy?

Animals in the rain forest live in all different levels of the forest like in jungles. The animals that live in the canopy is where those animals eat and feel safe

What are the consumers of the rainforest?

Consumers in the rainforest are animals that eat green plants, secondary consumers are animals that eat the animals that have eaten the plant.

Do rainforest jaguars eat rainforest animals?

Yes, they do.

What type of animals are in a rainforest?

there are parrots and toucans who live in the rainforest. there are parrots and toucans who live in the rainforest.

What animals live a rainforest?

There is a lot of animals that live in the rainforest like birds,parrots,tigers,and all kind of other animals.

Where do rainforest wolves live?

Wolves are not rainforest animals.

How many animals live in the understorey of the Amazon Rainforest?

over 50% of the animals in the world live in the Amazon rainforest.

What animals eat figs in the tropical rainforest?

A Tapir would eat figs in the rainforest

What rainforest animals do jaguars eat?

Jaguars eat a variety rainforest animals. Some of these animals include alligators, deer, peccaries, capybaras, as well as tapirs.

Why does rainforest animals need the rainforest?

Rainforest animals need the rainforests because they need somewhere to live so they can live their normal habitat.

What do rainforest monkeys eat?

Several species of monkeys live in the rainforest. The diets of most monkeys in the rainforest include fruits, nuts, and leaves from the tropical plants. Some of the species eat proteins from smaller animals and insects.

What animals live in the mamzon rainforest?

Many animals live in the layers of the Amazon rainforest. Some of these animals include spider monkeys, toucans, and jaguars.

Why do people who live in the rainforest not keep cattle or animals?

People who live in the rainforest do not keep cattle or animals. This is because these animals cannot survive here.

Do leopards live in the tropical rainforest?

Leopards do live in the rainforest. They are nocturnal animals and will hunt in the rainforest at night for food.

Animal adaptations in the rainforest?

There are many different adaptations that animals have had to take on to live in the rainforest such as an adaptation to take in more water. Some animals have also adapted to eat new food sources.