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my car is not starting

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โˆ™ 2006-04-20 16:25:56
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Q: What do the ecu codes mean on an Alfa Romeo?
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Where is the ecu on an alfa romeo 156?

It is on top of the throttle body,

Ecu codes for Mazda mx-6?

all ecu codes are posted at and

What does the SERV light on a Renault laguna 1997 1.9 automatic mean?

Get the ecu codes read, there is a fault code listed in the engine ecu

What does it mean when the engine light comes on in your Vauxhall Frontera?

ECU has registered a fault. Get the codes read to find out what it is.

Suzuki Baleno ECU codes and how to read these codes?

errorcode 1453

Just changed air flow meter in your Alfa Romeo why are you smelling petrol?

you need to do an ecu reset...disconnect battey for 1 hour, reconnect, start and leave ticking over for 5 mins turn off, turn on drive it like you stole it for a few miled and this should reset the maf sensor and ecu.

How do you read the computer codes on a 1993 Acura Legend?

Follow this article:

How do you retrieve trouble codes for 2003 Chevy Express?

Some Haynes manuals have ECU codes

How do you access ECU codes on 1989 Nissan Pickup?

you dont...

How do you recode an Alfa Romeo 146 without keys?

contrary to belief people and alfa themselves will tell you if you have lost all keys you will need new ecu and all that milarky but you don't..take out your boot lock ..and the..code box and you can get a new key coded to the box itself wont cost more than 200 and youl get 3 keys made i got my 156 and bravo hgt done by Steve guard autolocks in dublin awhile ago great service alfa told me it could not be done and gave me a price of 1000 for new ecu , ignition coil etc but he did it in a day and for a fraction of the price...

Does a car run when ecu is unplugged?

Assuming you mean the engine ECU, the answer is no

What does check engine ecu mean on a volvo class 8 truck?

It means you need to hook up to a computer with the Volvo software and pull codes.

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