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xx and xy are the chromosomes of the male and female body. the female has xx chromosome and the male has xy chromosomes the sex determination chromosomes

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Q: What do the genetic codes xx and xy mean?
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What do XX mean and XY?

XX are the sex defining chromosomes for a girl and XY for boys

What is the punnett square for fragile x syndrome?

i think it isxyxx xx xyxx xy

What does the combination of genes in sexual reproduction allow for?

XX or XY are the combination of geanes for reproduction process in humen being. Whereas XX is the genetic representation of a female and XY being of a male. The genes XX & XY appear in the 23rd pair of chromosomes in the karyotype of a human.

What kind of mutation causes a four leaf clover?

xx and xy genetic mutation.

How many sex chromosomes in human karyotype?

Two (XX or XY) with the exception of genetic abnormalities.

Men are xy or xx?


What is the difference between xx and xy chromosomes?

xx is girlxy is boy

What does XX or XY stand for?

XX are the female chromosomes and XY are the male chromosomes.

What is XX and XY combination in biology?

XX and XY is the male-female cross in humans and some other organisms. XX= female, XY= male.

Are men xy or xx?

Men are XY.

How does a person know if they have xx chromosomes or xy chromosomes?

XX = Female, XY = Male :)

Is a male YY or XY?

a males gines are xy and females gines are xx. and there is no yy gines

Is female chromosomes xx or xy?


Do females carry XY or XX chromosomes?

Females are XY.

What determines whether an embryo will become male or female?

In humans, gender is determined by the x and y chromosomes, with xx being a genetic female and xy being a genetic male

Who has xx chromosome?

Females have xx chromosomes, males have xy.

What does XY mean?

It is referring to the male chromosome whereas the the female gender chromosome is XX.

Do birds have xy chromosomes?

Yes, but unlike with mammals, in the case of birds females have XY, and males have XX. With mammals like us males have XY and females have XX.

Males = xy, ___ =xx?

Females' eggs always provide an X. If the sperm is X, the child is female (XX); if it is Y, the child is male (XY).

Is xx female or male?

XX means female XY is male

If the sex chromosomes are XY that individual is?

XY is a male while XX is female.

What sex makes up the XX chromosome?

The female has xx and the male has either xx or xy

What kind of chromosome do sperm have?

Sperm is X or Y, it fertilizes the egg forming XY or XX. XY would be male and XX female.

Why are genetic diseases carried by genes on the X chromosome more common in male offspring than female offspring?

Because in males they have only 1 X chromosome. The other one is Y. But in females they have 2 XX chromosomes so the chance that X chromosome will carry disease to cause illness is lower. Example: lets say xx (recesssive) phenotype makes illness, whereas XX (dominant) is healthy. A woman can have XX, Xx, xx right? Since Xx is a carrier and XX is healthy you wont see the illness. only xx can make illness. 1/3 chances she is sick. However in males they have XY. so he can only have either XY or xY. No carrier form is present. The chances he will be sick is %50. got it? Im a genetic engineer and molecular biolog so count on me :)

Are men xx chromosomes?

The mother has chromosomes XX and the father has the chromosomes XY