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What do the hardware and software form together?

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Hardware performs the computations, software is a set of instructions we use to tell the hardware what we want it to do.

Basically hardware is what carries out the work, and software is what we use, and what we program into it.

how does hardware work?

If the Q. is what is the HW-SW interface which enables us to use both of them as a system, i would say the instruction set.

The Instruction set is the HW-SW interface , instructions are "signals" for the hardware and at the same time appear as instructions to the programmer.This is the bridge between and us the machine.

2011-01-07 17:22:38
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Hardware and software together form a?

computer system

What kind of interface does hardware and software together form?

user interface

What does hardware and software form?

A computer.

What lets the computer's hardware and software work together?


Is VDU hardware or software?


Hardware and software together do what?

When they work together, they create what is known as a computer. Hardware is just external drives, like flashdrives and external hard drives. Software is what is in the computer, like the motherboard. Together, they make a computer.

Are speakers hardware or software?


Why do hardware and software always have to work together?

The whole purpose of hardware is to have something to run software on. Software is pretty useless without some hardware to run it. Think of the hardware as a chef, and the software as his recipes. What good would the chef be without his recipes? What good would his recipes be if there was no-one around to cook them?

What enables hardware devices and application software to work together?

A driver

What software is the set of programs that enables the computers hardware devices and application software to work together?


Software is the set of programs that enables the computers hardware devices and application software to work together?


Which software is the set of programs that enables the computer's hardware devices and application software to work together?


Why hardware is useless without software?

Hardware is any physical component of a computer, Which needs instructions to know how it is expected to operate or use special features built into the hardware. These instructions come in the form of software. They tell a device what it is able to do and how it can do it.

Is music a software or hardware?

music is a type of signl in form of discrete.

Is a DVD a hardware or software?

A DVD itself is hardware but it may contain software. You can touch hardware but not software.

How does hardware interact with software?

It is the software which interacts with the hardware. But at the sametime the hardware also interact with the software by responding to it.

How do software and hardware interact?

how do software and hardware interact

Is a computer a software of hardware?

both a hardware and software

Is a microphone a hardware or software?

is a spreadsheet a hardware or software

What was first software or hardware?

Have to be hardware. How could you write software if there were no hardware to write it on?

What is the relationship of computer software and computer hardware?

The computer software tells the hardware what to do. Without the hardware, the software would not exist. Without the software, the hardware would be useless.

Give example of software?

Software is a program that works on some form of computer hardware. For example, Microsoft Word is a piece of software.

Is a microprocessor hardware or software?


Is a Scanner Hardware or Software?

A scanner is both hardware and software, the device itself is hardware (all devices are hardware) but the driver(a program) that runs it is software.

Which was first software or hardware?

I'd say it would have to be hardware. You had to have hardware to write software on.