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I have come across a complete set of Red and Blue Ration Tokens with a 14 page report from several individuals. The paper is yellowish and has some age to it. Now on to the main question. What the letters on the Token stand for? From the report:

Researched by Mrs. Gladys Judson

Due to the research of Mrs. Gladys Judson, we now have it confirmed from two reliable sources as to the the meaning of the letters on the token.

One from the US Government, the other from the Manufacturer.

From the Osborne MFG Co. " The letters were used for checking counterfeiting and for accountability in shipment. accountability of dies is questionable, as many dies were used for each combination"

From the General Services Administration, National archives

"The 2 small letters on each token identified the die used by the manufacturer. the purpose was twofold. First to exercise accountability control, and second, to assist in the prosecution of detected counterfeiter's"

Well there you have it. If you are interested in seeing a copy of the page from the report I have. Please email me at

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Q: What do the letters on red and blue OPA tokens stand for?
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