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What do the police do when they need backup?

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Get on the radio and tell the dispatcher to send more cars.

2006-11-20 10:23:28
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What is backup and types of backup?

It is when Police call for backup An example is: We need backup. Billy Heaysman has a gun!

How do you call police backup gta 4 xbox 360?

If you want police backup just get in a police car and acces the computer and on the bottom it will say call police backup! This should work for all systems. This is not a mod. Hope I helped!

Grand Theft Auto sa how to call police backup?

you cant...unless you get a mod (search google GTA SA police backup mod)

Can you work at the police staition in grand theft auto episodes from Liberty City?

Yes we can but we need a police car.Then open up police computers and you can call police for backup,we can arrest people doing crimes.We can also see pictures of police when they were arresting people proven guilty.

What does the police computer do in Grand Theft Auto 4?

You can track down people, call police backup. yeah

U-verse has a battery backup. Does cable also need a battery?

No, you do not need a battery backup.

Why do police call backup for speeding?

because they don't know who or what is in the car running from them.

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Is it illegal for the police to carry a backup gun?

It isn't illegal, however some departments may still have agency policies prohibiting it. For instance, in Memphis, TN, police officers have only been able to officially carry backup guns for a few years.

Can you use a Dell computer for remote backup?

Yes, you can use a Dell computer for a remote backup. You can use Dell DataSafe Online Backup to safely save your backup in a remote location to be accessed when you need to.

What do you need to work with the dogs at police?

you need to be a police officer and be trained to work with police dogs.

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To help you turn your backup sensor on I would need more information. What does the backup sensor go on? What type of vehicle? What year is it? an what model vehicle is it?

What type of mathematics a police need to know or study?

what type of mathematics a police need to know and what type of mathematics a police need to know?

How long is the battery backup on the Lorex SG7965 good for?

The Lorex's battery backup lasts for about six hours, after which it will need to be recharged.

Do you need to backup your e drive?

it is a good idea if u did

How much education does a police officer need?

Police officers need a GED or diploma from high school. They then need to complete the police academy to become a cop.

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How do you get a restraing order?

You need to contact the police department. You need to contact the police department.

What kind of grades do you need to be police officer?

what kind of grades do you need to be a police officer

What is internal backup and how can you backup data and system files?

internal backup is when you back up your files to yourhard drive not an other device!to back up you need to download some software fron the internet

Do you need a police report to file a claim?

You do not always need a police report to file a claim.