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Q: What do the star symbols on the grips of an old FW revolver mean?
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Myspace star symbols?

what do you mean?

What is the meaning of the symbol of the algerian flag?

The crescent and star pattern on the flag and the green colour are all symbols of Islam.The star and crescent moon were symbols of the Islamic Empire and have come to mean symbols of unified Islam.

Does the star of david mean evil?

yeah. ___________ The meanings of Symbols are different to different people, The Star of David traditionally has represented Israel.

What 32 revolver is marked with a star?

MIght be a Nagant

A map key should tell what the symbols on a map mean What does a black circle with a black star mean?

a capital of a country. i think....

What does a star in a circle mean on a map?

It usually represents a city. Check the legend of your map and it will explain all of the symbols.

What is the symbols on the Texas flag?


What does the vitnam symbols and colour mean?

The flag colors mean... Red-the blood shed in the war Yellow star-they like yellow an they like stars

What does black star on house in Kentucky mean?

Farmers in Kentucky put stars on their houses and barns as symbols of good luck

Where do you get the planet symbols on poptropica's astro knights?

the symbols are sun Saturn star moon

What does the symbols on the points of the Star on the Eastern Star mean?

Each of the Symbols on the five-pointed emblem represent a heroine of the Eastern Star. The symbol on the blue star-point is the sword and veil (it represents Adah). The symbol on the Yellow star-point is the Sheaf. (It represents Ruth). The symbol on the White star-point is the crown and scepter (it represents Esther). The symbol on the green star-point is the broken columb (Martha). The symbol on the red star-point is the cup, which represents Electa.

What does star mean in Muslims symbol?

There are no religious symbols in Islam religion in the sense as the cross in Christianity or David Star in Judaism. The star is just a political symbol used in some Islamic flags that has no religious background.

From mythology what is Adonis's symbols?

A shooting star

What symbols did the Isreaites have?

Jewish star is my guess.

Is there any symbols for Jews?

The Star of David .

What are some symbols of the Jews?

the star of David

What are Texas official symbols?

the lone star.

Important symbols in the Islam religion?

There are no religious symbols in Islam religion as the Cross in Christianity or the David star in Judaism. The moon and the star are political symbols used on the flags of some countries but have nothing to do with the religion.

Where are the cosmic symbols in astro nights poptropica?

the cosmic symbols are Saturn moon, star, sun.

What are important symbols of Judasim?

We have a symbol, Star of David

Islam's common symbols?

the crescent moon and star

Islam symbols of faith?

crescent moon and star

What symbols were Jews required to display?

the star of david

What does the star on the map mean?

A star on a map usually indicates a capital of a state, although the meaning can vary with different map makers. You should look for the key on the map that explains the symbols to be sure.

What do you mean by symbols in a map and define by draw symbols?

symbols are signs to represent things like capitals (stars) rr crossings (usually x's) direction (star) length of a mile (line drawn to scale, etc) police stations, hospitals (usually an "H") etc