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The question can't be answered unless you say what brand of Birth Control pill. The different colors include different medications in different brands.

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Can you get pregnant if you missed a day of your birth control pills?

YesThats a good question, probably yes. Call a local private hotline about this. Or just continue taking them and just wait and see.

Does birth control affect sex of baby?

Thats crazy talk. Signed, The medical community

Birth control for a 46 year old woman?

Would an IUD be good for someone 46yrs old. My insurance doesnt pay for permanent birth control so thats not an option.

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Why can't you crush potassium pills?

i dont know thats why i asked

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Name the four river valleys that gave birth to early civilizations?

Name the four river valleys that gave birth to early civilizations?

Is something wrong if after your birth control wears off your stomach is hurting frequently?

No thats fine your just ill but i would go to the doctors just incase

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A carbohydrate turns black and yellow when in contact with saliva. A huh, thats right, black and yellow black and yellow black yellow. You know what it is! Black and Yellow

What strength are the yellow vicodin?

Thats the most strong one

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Thats the slogan for The Yellow Pages.

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How do you throw up blood What pills makes you do that?

Soma muscle relaxer if take alot or drink with it hope this and thats about it for me

How long does azithromycin stay in your system after the first does?

For up to three weeks, Thats why there are so few pills to take

When taking the pill can it make you feel pregnant?

Yes! birth control pills can make you feel pregnant. This is to prevent it from happening. Your mind is full of hormones and you may be under a lot of stress and chances are... if you are taking it as directed, never missing or skipping a pill you wont get pregnant. Yaz is 99.8% effective when used properly. Thats a 0.3% chance of pregnancy happening.... very very very unlikely

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