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What do three stones on a ring mean?

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There is no specific meaning behind the three stones on the ring. The ring itself is usually an anniversary ring.

2007-06-19 12:50:51
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Related Questions

What is a V in a diamond shaped symbol mean inside of a ring with three stones?

V for Vespucci.

What does the marking CZ on a ring mean?

The stones are not diamonds, but Cubic Zirconium (synthetic man made stones).

Is a ring with stones a mounting?

Usually the ring without the stones is called a mounting.

What does hidan ring mean?

His Ring Means:三 (Three)

What does the rebus puzzle 000 circus mean?

A three ring cricus

What does 10k AA stamp on a ring mean?

10k is the gold and AA is the clarity of the Stones.

Is it ok to wear diamonds and other precious stones together?

I can't think why not. Whether mixing diamonds with other stones in the same piece or wearing a diamond ring and a ring set with other stones. Just be careful the stones don't rub against each other. Many antique pieces used two or three different stones with diamonds.

What does 14k DRI CZ mean on a ring?

it means that the gold is real, but the stones are not. (cubic zirconium)

What is does tha inside of ring mean?

My sister found a ring with a red stone n some smaller stones. The markings on the inside say cw 925 THA. What does this mean?

What does 14k plai stamped on a ring mean?

Do you mean Plate? or "Plat" If the ring is marked 14k plate, it's plated. If the ring is marked 14k plat- it's likely that the ring is bi-metal mixed with gold and platinum, commonly it will have white metal around any stones.. If there are no stones possibly a white accent on certain parts of the ring. Now, if the ring really says "Plai" - It could be the makers name, not sure!

What does ati 925 china stamped on ring mean?

the base ring is made and stones are set in in china and the .925 means that it is coated with sterling silver

What does rsc markings on a ring mean?

I just find a ring that rsc in it is it real if so what is it

What does CZ925 China mean on a tacori ring?

cubic zirconia stones, .925 silver, made in china

What does my ring mean 10k cz?

10k refers to the weight of the stone or stones. CZ is cubit zirchonia.

What does cz 925 china mean on a tacori ring?

cubic zirconia stones, .925 silver, made in china

What is a sentence with the word semiprecious?

Her ring has several semiprecious and precious stones. Semiprecious stones are not as valuable as precious stones.

When a female puts three onyx stones in her her bra what does that mean?

It probably means that she likes onyx; or considers the onyx stones pretty.

What does 825CZ on gold ring mean?

Are you sure the 8 is not a nine as this would refer to sterling silver (925 parts per thousand) & that the stones set into the ring are cubic zirconia's

What does 925 cz on a ring means?

It means that the ring is silver, and the stones are cubic zirconium.

What is Pandora ring?

A Pandora ring is a gem stones and metal combined with a beautiful design.

What is the value of a ring with 3 1 CT diamonds?

This depends on the quality of the stones, the condition of the stones, and the quality and carats of the gold used to make the band of the ring.

What is the difference between a 3 ring binder and a 3 ring notebook?

a three ring notebook means that the notebook can go into a three ring binder. a three ring binder has three rings.

What does three hearts on your ring mean?

Answer- 3 dimonds on a ring I beleave represents man woman and child, something like that.

How wide is Stonehenge?

The outer ring of stones is about 33 meters in diameter. However, the ring of stones is encircled by a much older bank and ditch enclosure about 110 meters in diameter.

What are the components of a diamond ring?

A diamond ring is composed of a diamond or multiple diamonds, and a metal band.