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What do woman must desire?

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A man who: takes into account how she feels, her thoughts. Listens to her opinion. Tells her how he feels about her Is affectionate All in all a woman likes to know she is loved and needed, and thought of.

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What is the duration of Woman of Desire?

The duration of Woman of Desire is 1.6 hours.

Do women have a sexual desire for a man's penis?

That depends on the woman. Women have sexual desires and needs just like a man. Straight women would desire the penetration as well as the other aspects of a sexual relationship, which does include a male penis. Every woman is different and desire different things, but yes, some women do have sexual desires for a man's penis. Just like straight men have the desire for a woman or gay men may have the desire for a male penis, or a gay woman has the desire for another woman.

Can you find a desire less man?

Not really, for even a man who is desire-less, must have had the desire to become so, also the desire to remain so.

Is sprem good for woman?

If she has a desire to become pregnant.

Can one have emotional desire for man and sexual desire for woman?

Yes. While emotional and sexual desire often go together they are by no means mutually exclusive.

Who helps Pygmalion in his desire to have the woman he loves?

Aphrodite (Venus).

A street car named desire In Stanley's eyes who is Blanche What does he know about her?

A street car named desire knows that Blanche is a con woman.

What does it mean there is no man who has never looked upon a woman without desire It seems to you that it means all men have at some point looked upon a woman without desire?

Yes, that is what it is saying. Probably the statement is garbled in some manner. It seems to be pointless to say that every man has at some point looked at a woman without feeling sexual desire. This is probably true, but it is also a trivial observation. (I say probably true because it is always possible to quibble. For example, some men are born blind, and therefore have never looked upon a woman at all, with or without desire.) Chances are, what the author of this statement was trying to say was that every man has felt sexual desire for a woman at some point. And that is not the case. Not all men feel sexual desire for women. There are some homosexuals who only feel desire for their fellow men.

What does the expression she must be a hell of a woman mean?

she must be some kind of woman like special or amazing she must be some kind of woman like special or amazing

What is the meaning of inflaming men with love?

Making men hot with desire for a woman

What agreement does the knight make with the old woman?

That if she tells him what what desire most, he will have to marry her.

How can a woman increase her desire for sex?

by beeing comfetable and onest with her self and her partner

Can a woman outwardly be quite mean and nasty to a man but inwardly fancy and desire him?


What does it mean there is no man who has never looked upon a woman without desire. It seems to me that it means all men have at some point looked upon a woman without desire?

It is kind of tricky when you read it fast, but let's slow down and read it.:"There is no man...who has never looked upon a women...without desire."This means that every man has one time or another looked upon a women with desire.

What should a woman do if she has a strong sexual desire to be with only him who has move to another city?

Move with him in that city.

How do you treat your ex now that he has another woman?

As just a friend if you desire to keep things amicable.

What factors must exist for there to be a demand?

desire, ability, and willingness to buy something

Why man leaves his girlfriend for another woman?

He likely finds a new relationship more exciting or he really likes the new woman and does not desire ex as he once did.

What does it mean if you have an illusion of ghosts?

it means some ghost is wandering in you room or you desire for woman has made you to have that illusion.

What is the career of the element neon?

it can be anything you desire.. remember it must deal with something it is made of.

What options do I have for addiction treatment?

You must have a desire to stop the alcohol addiction and you must have a serious desire to stop from being an alcoholic. Then you must have the initiative to identify the cause of your being alcoholic. Knowing the cause of one problem is an important part to its solution. If being alcoholic is due to some traumatic experiences.

What do you really desire in love?

You desire to love when you have love within yourself. The starting point is oneself, one must first have what he/she is willing to give out. After having love within, then it an be shared.

What does it mean when you dream another woman breastfedding a baby?

It means that you have natural reproductive hormones that trigger your desire for a child of your own. The other woman in your dream represents the mother you long to be.

How to court a woman?

To court a woman, the person must find out what she likes by conversing and spending time with her.

What does a friend must show himself friendly mean from King James English?

I means to have a friend one must be friendly. In other words, you don't make friends by being unfriendly. It's law of reciprocity- sowing and reaping..if you desire friends, you must first be friendly. If you desire not to have friends, simply don't be friendly..

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