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an American

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Q: What do you call American citizen?
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How do you find a relative who is an American citizen that is traveling outside of the country?

Call him...

Do you become an American citizen if your husband is an American citizen?


Is amr abdelbary an American citizen?

yes he is an american citizen

Was Harry Houdini an American citizen?

yes he was an American citizen

Is mostafa mohamed hassan an American citizen?

yes he is an american citizen

What are the requirements for an American citizen?

There are no requirements for an American citizen. The American citizen is supposed to be sovereign and free. An American is supposed to be a citizen at birth, with all rights and privileges that entails with no oath, duty or debt to anyone or thing.

When was An American Citizen created?

An American Citizen was created on 1914-01-10.

Can an American citizen become a different citizen?

Yes, an American citizen doesnt lose that citizenship when another citizenship is gained.

Do you need to be an American citizen to run for president of the US?

Yes, you do. But you can't be a citizen of any American nation. You have to be a citizen of the US.

Is a child born in the Philippines with one American citizen as her parent an American citizen?


Is nawal nour abdelaziz an American citizen?

No Nour Nawal Abdelaziz Is Not American Citizen

Can an American citizen sue a citizen from Europe?

yes you can as long as that citizen is in the province.