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What do you call a female billy-goat?

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The female name of a goat is doe, they are also known as nannies.

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When was Rosemary's Billygoat created?

Rosemary's Billygoat was created in 1991.

What is a male billygoat called?

Male goats are called billy goats. Female goats are called nanny goats.

What nicknames did Paddy DeMarco go by?

Paddy DeMarco went by Billygoat.

What is a female billygoat called?

Billygoats are males. Female goats are called nannygoats. Many do refer to them as nannies and billies. However, breeders typically refer to them as does (female) and bucks (male). Babies are called kids, and we refer to them as bucklings and doelings to distinguish the males from females. Castrated males are called wethers. well duh

What do you call female deer?

You call a female deer a Doe

What do you call to the female goat?

we call the female goat as sheep

What do you call a female deer or goat?

I think you call a female deer a doe. A female goat is a nanny

What do you call a spayed female cat?

You call it a "spayed female cat!"...:0)

What do they call a female unicorn?

There is no specific name. Just call it a ' female unicorn'.

What do you call a female leopard?

The female is a "leopardess."

What do you call a female chicken?

you can either call it a female chicken or a henA hen!!!Hen

What would you call a female president?

If there was a female president you would call her "Madam President"

What do you call the husband of a female president?

The first Gentleman What do we call the husband of female president?

What do you call a female bachelor?

In Chinese, we call a female bachelor as "Sheng Nv". Huh

What do you call a female fox?

You call a female fox a vixen.a female fox is called a vixen, a male is called a fox

How do you call a female seal?

A female seal is a cow.

What is the female lynx called?

Um... A lynx that is female? A female lynx. What do you call a female human?

Do you call the female king cobra a queen cobra?

I think we do call a female cobra, QUEEN cobra

What do you call a female Arabian horse?

You would call her a mare like any other female horse.

What do you call the female rabbit?

you call it a "Jill" "doe"

What is a female goat call?

There are those that call a female goat a Nanny. However, among the registered goat population, a female goat is called a Doe.

What do you call a female casanova?

There is no such word to call a female Casanova. Well I think there is, it's called, "playgirl". A female who's not serious to her relationship with her boyfriend.

What do you call a female possum?

There is no particular name for a female possum.

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