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I believe it's inquisitive, or cynical.

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Q: What do you call a person who asks questions?
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What do you call a person who asks a lot of questions?


What do you call a person who asks too many questions about personal information?


What do you call a person that asks a lot of questions?

A nosy person or a person that enjoys learning, depending on the questions. Seeker of knowledge (intelligent). Inquisitive Curious

What is the person called who asks the questions at a debate?

The " chair person "

What do you call someone who asks to many questions?

An idiot! Ha! Ha! Just kidding. You could call that person inexperienced, ignorant (unknowing), a "newbie", a trainee, etc.

Who asks the questions at the Passover meal?

The tradition is for the questions to be asked by the youngest person present. Traditionally, the youngest person at the table who is capable of asking the questions.

What did ultima and the family call antonio and why?

They call Antonio "The Inquisitor" because he asks so many questions.

A person who asks questions?

. I'm a lawyer. The answer would be a "curious person". Again, the answer would be a "curious person".

What is the game 20 questions?

20 Questions is a game where you think of a thing (either a person, place, thing, animal, etc.) and the other person can ask you 20 questions about it to try and guess what you are thinking of. For example: You think of spider The first question your partner asks is: Is it a person? You answer: No Then your partner asks: Is it an animal? You answer: Yes Then your partner asks: Is it a mammal? You answer: No And so on...

What is one word substitute for a person who asks many questions?

The person would be inquisitive or curious.

Who is an interviewer and interviewee?

An interviewer is a person who is asking a person questions such as in a job interviewer. The interviewer asks the person about their work history and schooling. The interviewee is the person who would be answering these questions.

What is another word for excessive questions?

A child who asks many questions can be described as "inquisitive". This has a positive connotation. Badgering or pestering also describe describe a person who asks many questions. This has a negative connotation.

What is a address poem?

It is a poem that generally asks a person, place or thing questions.

An average person answers or asks how many questions per day?


What do you call a person that questions everything?

A Skeptic person

How does the 20 questions game work through text is it just 1 person asks all of the questions an they both answer?

The 20 questions game is that one person will ask the question and the other person will answer. The person who started the game will ask all 20 questions before the other person starts their 20 questions.

What is the difference between a normal person and a person with mind problems?

A normal person is normal. And a person with mind problems asks these sort of questions.

What is the website called where a genie asks questions and guesses what famous person you had in mind?

Who is the worlds gayist kid?

The person who asks stupid questions like this. Grow up and get a life.

What asks no questions but receives alot of answers?

A phone asks no questions but receives a lot of answers.

What is the name of the person that asks questions in the police force?

i don't know. ask aplice man or policewoman

Who asks the silliest questions about anamilism?

There are no stupid questions.

What is the third-person singular of ask?

The third person singular for the verb to ask is asks:He asks...She asks...It asks...John asks...Jane asks...Rover asks...

What do you call a person who puts so many questions?


How do rhetorical questions cause tension?

One way that rhetorical questions may cause tension is because they are not really questions. The person who asks a rhetorical question does not expect nor want an answer. This can lead to some tension in the person who is not agreeing with the speaker.