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I do not believe there is a proper term for female red eared sliders yet. :)

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Picture of a female red ear slider turtle?

Females and males look nearly the same. The only real difference is a slight variation in tail length and the plastron (under shell) is convex in females and concave in males. If you needed one for a presentation, find any picture of a red eared slider and call it female.

What do you call a female turtle?

A female turtle is no different it's just called a female turtle.

How do you call a female turtle?

you dress up as a guy turtle or you can just bribe it towards u

How do you call a male turtle?

You call it a turtle or a male turtle. Just like a snake, or lizard, or... Lots of things don't have separate names for male and female of the species

What is the black intestine thing coming out of a red eared slider turtle's bottom?

Most people like to call that a tail. ya know a "tail". The're on most animals.

How do you know if you have a female turtle or male?

you got to take off its shellor call the place

Why does my red-eyed slider turtle not eat his food?

Turtles might not eat for a variety of reasons. 1) If its tank or basking area is too cold, his digestive system might slow down. Make sure that he is away from cold areas of your home, such as a window or doorway if it's cold outside, and make sure that he has both a water heater and a nice hot basking lamp. 2) Turtles often do not like change in their environment. If you have recently traveled with your turtle, or moved his tank, or even rearranged the inside of his tank, he may not eat for a few days. 3) If he does not eat for four days or more, he might be sick, so call a local veterinarian. Find one that has a turtle/reptile specialist, because not all vets do. Because of their slow metabolism, it can take a long time for a turtle to recover from sickness, so call your vet as soon as possible. Also, it's red-eared slider, not red-eyed slider.

What do you call a book that has eared pages?

An book with eared pages. Honestly, it's as simple as that. Other examples include, but are not limited to, dog eared, doggy ears, crooked, bent, ruined, unloved, destroyed, eared.

A good name for a turtle?

I think a good name for a turtle is either Lucky,Thunder,Seth,Sheldon or Tommy if it's male. If it's a female however you could call it Angelina,Lola,Shelly,or Denise. aquamarine is a good girl name and my cousin has a turtle named buck.

Is there a species of turtle call alligator snapping turtle?

Yes, there is a species of an alligator snapping turtle. sammi was here!

What could be wrong with a red-eared slider that is not swimming or hiding just floating but otherwise seems ok?

RES's typically aren't found floating... They sink unless they've hauled up on something that keeps them at the surface. So the fact that he's floating indicates to me that he's not "otherwise ok". I'd give your vet a call and see what he/she says. _____________________________________________________________________ If its eyes are caved in, then it is dead 12 year old turtle expert, Kris ______________________________________________________________________

Why is it called a polo kneck in UK and turtle kneck in US?

Polo Neck Vs Turtle Neck...=They call it 'Turtle Neck' in America because that's what they call it in America! I'm not quite why they call it that in America, but my answer is... they just do! :D=

What do you call female deer?

You call a female deer a Doe

What do you call to the female goat?

we call the female goat as sheep

What if your yellow bellied slider turtle is eating its own poop?

There are two reasons one is to make sure it is not sick. The other reason is that it might think it is food. Make sure you have fresh food. If it still does it call a doctor it should not do that. Trust me I have a tortoise and it does not do that.

Why do they call them turtle brownies?

Because it's a brownie with nut's in it. That's what makes it turtle brownies.

What name would you call a animal that is a unicorn and a turtle?

uniturtle! Its a sparkling turtle with a horn and hooves!

Misty May-Treanor Nickname The Turtle?

She was born with a shell, a turtle like shell. She thought she was a turtle so growing up she made people call her 'Turtle' Then as she got older she realised she was not a turtle.

What turtles make good pets?

Some good types of turtles to keep as pets are Red Eared Slider Turtles, Painted Turtles, Mississippi Map Turtles, Yellow Belly Slider Turtles, Cooters, Mud Turtles, and Box turtles. All of these turtles grown to be rather large so make sure that you do your research and find out whether or not you will be able to provide a proper habitat for a 9-13in turtle. A smaller turtle option would be the Musk or Stinkpot turtle. Don't worry they only stink if you scare them :). I have 2 babies and although they don't like me holding them they enjoy posing for pictures and watching me through the glass. Another great pet turtle, contrary to popular belief, is the snapping turtle, at least I think so. My snapping turtle is 2 1/2 inches long and quite the lover, he never threatens or bites anyone. You would have to be careful around their face though, because it is their instinct to snap, they can't help it, it's a natural reaction. You would want to get a baby snapping turtle and start from there. My favorite type of pet turtle is the Eastern Painted Turtle, I have 9 Easties and they all have their own different personalities. They LOVE people and will swim up to you or even come when you call their name. They are very curious and will often pull themselves onto my hand to bask, choosing me instead of their floating log. I think they are the best!

What do you call a female deer or goat?

I think you call a female deer a doe. A female goat is a nanny

What do you call it when a sea turtle crawls up a beach?

When a mother sea turtle crawls up the beach to lay her eggs it is called a turtle crawl.

Are red eared sliders intelligent?

Turtles and tortoises are inquisitive creatures, but they do not possess a great deal of what you would call "knowledge." Some turtles have better awareness of their surroundings (such as height or motion) than others, even within the same species. All turtles fail sentience tests, as they cannot distinguish between a reflection of themselves and another turtle. Red-eared sliders are no exception.

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