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A water catchment area.

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Because it is the land area that supplies water to a river system :)

The land area that supplies water to a river system.

The catchment is the correct answer. Commonly folk say 'watershed' but the watershed is the boundary (ridges etc) of the catchment.

The land area that supplies water to a river stream.I think this is incorrect:my understanding is that a drainage basin is somthing that supplies a river or stream, a water shed is a dividing line between drainage basins?

It is called the river's drainage basin. Other terms for the area are catchment basin (Australia) and watershed.

Land drained by a river is a watershed. This is an area of land that feeds all the water running under it and draining off of it into a body of water.

An area drained by a river or river system is called a drainage basin.

Poisoning the river waters and down stream water supplies and killing marine life in the area of the dump site.

water is provided in our area by borewell and river water

The area that is drained by a river system is called a watershed. The largest watershed in the US is the Missouri-Mississippi watershed.

an area drained by a river is called pooo lol

Yes,it is.A river system are rivers that are mostly in one area.

it is the land area of water which has around water

The river system could potentially pick up chemicals in the water and then transport them in the direction of the water flow. The water could end up in a populated area that depends on that particular water source. This could lead to contamination of drinking water. It also has the potential to affect the ecosystem of the river and all the organisms living in it.

The area that is normally covered by water when a river overflows its banks is called the floodplain. This area is the first part of the land to be flooded.

The roughly triangular area formed where a river enters the sea or other body of standing water is called a delta. They are created when the river water deposits its sediment as the water spreads out at the mouth of the

The area of land that contributes water to a river is called a watershed.

This is its catchment - surrounded by its watersheds.

The Indus River is a major water source for the Punjab and Sindh Plains. Pakistan uses the water to irrigate its farms for the production of cotton, sugarcane, and wheat. Additionally, dams have been built to produce hydropower, which supplies electricity to major industries and cities in the area.

Since "river" refers to the body of water and "watershed" refers to the land area which drains into the river, the Mississippi River would be a ribbon of water rather than a watershed.

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