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What do you call two words that have the same definition?


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Two different words that have the same meaning are called synonyms.

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The answer to your question is homophone.Homophone is the definition to two words in the same spelling is homophones i might not have spelled it right but look it up or sound it out.Not to be mean :)

the definition of intersecting lines is: two lines that meet and cross at the same at the same place

Two lines are said to be parallel if they are in the same plane, and don't intersect. In other words, they have the same distance from one another at any point.

Words that have two or more meanings are called auto-antonyms.

Same and thing are two words.

Homophone and homonyms are similar, but not exactly the same. Homophone refers to words that sound the same, but not necessarily spelled the same, for example bear/bare, write/right, two/to/too. Homonyn refers to words that are spelled and pronounced the same, but have different meanings.

Each of two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spelling, e.g., new and knew.

Two words with same meaning are called synonyms.

Two words with the same meaning are called synonyms.

An isosceles triangle has two sides the same length and two angles the same size.

They are called homophones.Homophones: noun: definition: words that are pronounced and sound the same, but are different in spelling and meaning.They should not be confused with Homonyms.Homonyms: noun: definition: words with the same spelling and sound, but has different meanings and classification (noun, verb etc).For examples of homophones refer to the Related Question below.

Two galaxies that look to be the same.

Phone call is two words. Used in an example sentence "I am waiting for a phone call from my lawyer".

putting a sentence or two into your own words.

Whether phone call or telephone call, it is two words.In the past, people used phone booths to make a phone call when away from home.When people made a telephone call on a party line, it meant a whole neighborhood shared the same line.

Two people of the same gender getting married

two angles that have the same angle measure

this means two numbers that are the same and that can compare

its a factor with two pairs of the same number

If two ratios have the same value when simplified.

A rhyme is a literary device in which the same or very similar sounds appear at the end of two or more words. Some examples of words that rhyme with "ball" would be: fall, call, small, haul, gall, brawl.

No, by definition two atoms with the same number of protons are the same element. The number of protons determines which element an atom is.

Yes. If two atoms have the same number of protons then by definition they are the same element.

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