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The AC compressor is belt driven. There is an electric clutch that engages the belt drive to the compressor. The circuit for the clutch is driven by the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), which might feed to a relay used to drive the clutch. The PCM receives a start signal from the dashboard control knob or switch. There may also be a refrigerant pressure sensor that can moderate the output of the PCM to the AC clutch signal.

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2007-05-30 16:22:59
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Q: What do you check if no power on ac comp?
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Hey what keeps a 2003 sonoma ac comp from kicking on?

check the fuse, then the relay and wiring. If the pulley clutch is getting power, then you may need a new clutch or compressor.

Why Ac will not cool full of freon the comp is on and a hissing noise under the dash noise goes away when comp is off?

Check the a/c - heater controller and also check for a vacuum leak.........

Why will your ac turn on but not blow cold air?

could have too much freon in it or air is not going thru evaporator If comp runs Check if return line is cold at the comp If it is then you know it is an evaporator problem

Is it normal for the bat to run down on a laptop when on ac power?

No. check that the AC Power lead is plugged in and turned on. if the AC power lead is plugged in and turned on and still the battery is discharging, check that the AC power lead is working. this can be done with a multimeter. if the lead is faulty, replacements can be found. check the input power required by the laptop, as too much will blow the laptop up, and not enough will still make it discharge.

How do you refill ac on s500?

look for the ac line going in to the compressor or the port on top of comp

1989 hoda civic ac does not have power?

Check fuses first.

Where is the ac compressor cluth located in the truck?

in front of the comp

What are the symptoms of a bad ac compressor on a 95 Chevy truck?

locked up or making a growl---remove line leaving comp & check for grey matter --- remove inline orfice to check for metal flakes

Ac clutch wont stay engaged?

low freon

1996 ford escort no power to ac compressor?

If the belt's good, check the compressor clutch.

What would cause AC low pressure line to be to high?

If you check the pressure on the low pressure line and it is very high then you should make sure the compressor is ON. You may have put the blower on, but on the dashboard there usually is a button that turns on the ac compressor. When the comp is on the pressure will drop into the "blue" range. This is the first check, and the simplest

Why No power to heater ac fan inside car?

If you don't have power to your heater or ac fan, it could be a fuse or a relay. You should check your owner's manual to determine which fuse or relay affects your fan.

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