What do you do after you get the bunny eras 24 carrot island?


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go get the cat in the old farm house and return to charlie at charlies I.N.C

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It is in the factory in the processing room

in the place where only bunny drones are allowed

Go to the abandoned farmhouse at the Funny Bunny Carrot Farm, to the left of Main Street on 24 Carrot island. Climb to the roof and you can enter through the chimney.

The farmhouse is to the left of Main Street, past the Funny Bunny Carrot Farm.

It is to the far left on the island, at the Funny Bunny carrot farm. (see related question)

The "bunny" on 24 Carrot Island is the evil Dr. Hare, who has enslaved 4 of the islanders to run his rocket fuel plant in the Carrot Cake Factory. His plan is orbit the world in his Giant Space Rabbot and control everyone with mind control.

you put the on then you can go through the door in the big room

go to his lab and launch bunny space ship . crash it in to space rocks the password is fuzzy bunny

You Have to Go Inside the factory and go talk to one of the menions

Yes! How else will it know that you entered something?

you go to the door where bunny drones are aloud

The mayor of the town on 24 Carrot Island will give you the Island Medallion when you complete the quest.

24 Carrot Island is the 4th island of Poptropica. It came out in June, 2008.

24 Carrot Island does not have a cockpit. 24 Carrot Island was released in 2008 and the main objective of the game is to stop the evil Dr. Hare from controlling Poptropica.

Its inside of the processing room through the exit door but to go through the exit door you have to have bunny ears which you can look up to find out how to get them

24 carrot diner isn't in shark tooth it is in 24 carrot

go to the place where it was only bunny drones allowed.go past the two smashing thinges and sqeezers.go up the pipe and then you will see them

He is in the carrot cake factory

There is no painters room on 24 carrot island.

you go into the factory and go to th printer room and talk to the bunny by the computer and he will give you the password.

The "carrot blender" on 24 Carrot Island is a factory machine that formerly created ingredients for carrot cake. It has been altered by Dr. Hare to make rocket fuel.

No. But the carrot transporter can bring you back to the Factory from anywhere on the island!

he is in the factory the second time you go into the room in the bottom left hand corner once you get the rabbot ears he is there

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