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Chatting with fellow sleep-over mates can be fun.

Watch a movie or tv show, comedies are usually the best because they are something pretty much all participants can enjoy.

Cooking or baking is an easy way to find entertainment.

There are also silly name games you can play, if you do some internet searches it is pretty easy to find some good games similar to MASH which you can play.

Sleeping, is always your last resort option.

Running around doing random things can be fun. Also, as previously stated, watching a movie or cooking. Playing a board game or video game can always be fun. And thenthere is the classic: Truth or Dare.

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If everyone is still awake, there are many things you can do - play card games, surf the net, watch DVDs, play drawing games, etc. But if the other people are alseep, you could listne to your iPod, turned on low, read a book, write something, draw something, etc.

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Everyone's asleep, that's so cool!

What you do is wake them up the funniest way:

Water over their head

Put their hand in warm water

Whipped cream on their hand... and tickle there nose...

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When you are trapped in your room at a sleepover, there are few things you can do. But here are some ways to keep you sane until you can finally exit:

1. Answer unanswered Wikianswer questions

2. Facebook until your eyes fall out from the pointlessness

3. Play every single Justin Beiber CD you have, then throw them away

4. Sleep...for days if necessary

5. Write out all your feelings then hide them under your matress....old fashion style baby

6. Prank call everyone in your contacts. and i mean everyone

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get some magazines ahead of time

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Q: What do you do at sleep over when your bored?
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