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pull him up to u and ask him if if he likes and if he wants to kiss u you, if he does kiss the crap out of him, or ask him out.

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What does it mean when a boy looks at your butt?

It means you have a good looking butt and he might like you.

How can you tell if a boy likes your butt?

If he looks at it alot

What is a waffle butt?

a waffle that looks like a butt

How can you tell a babygirl or boy guniapig apart?

It is very hard to tell wether it is a boy guinea pig or a girl when it is a baby but when it gets older you can tell by looking it its butt. If the butt looks like it has a pease of poop that is the color of the skin around it then it is a boy.

What does a butt crack look like?

Well you see, it looks alot like a crack, in the butt that is

What does a butt look like?

A butt looks like something round. With a crack straight in the middle

If a boy looks at your butt what is he thinking about?

he wants to have sex or touch it so bad!

What does a horse butt look like?

it looks like a horse but

How many woman like the way their boyfriends butt looks?

A lot of them like their boyfriend's butt better than their husband's.

What does it mean if a boy stares at your butt?

Girls butt right? It means they like what they see! :)

What does it mean when a boy looks at your butt and then start clapping?

Don't worry, that is a good thing. As i guy, i say that the boy admires your backside.

She likes you you like her she has a boy friend?

kick boy friends butt!! no dont do that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does a pie chart look like?

looks like yo mamas butt

Is your hamster a boy or girl?

usually a boy hamster will get something that looks like a very large butt which is their testicles. Female hamsters will not get this. Usually boy hamsters from the store do not have this at first because their so young but after time progresses they will start to get this

If you are walking your dog and a boy looks at you and then your dog and he looks at you again does he like you?

Yes the boy likes you.

Is it correct that a girl like butt of a boy?

Yes, indeed! It is a great compliment to a boy.

What does Ohio's law-making body look like?

it looks like a butt

What are some facts about the Ohio river?

it looks like a butt crack

What type of insect has a butt like a bee and looks like a striped ant?

A wasp I think cause it has a butt like a bee aand it's striped

How does a slave cylinder of a C240 looks like And where is it found-?

A slave cylinder of a C240 looks like a butt and it is found around the corner.

Is victini a boy or girl?

Neither, Victini's gender less or unknown but to me, he looks like a boy.

Is kesha a boy?

No a girl..... but she sure looks like a boy!!

What do you do when a boy grabs your butt?

Punch them in the balls and see if they like it!!

If one boy tells another boy to look at your butt and that boy licks his lips what does that mean?

He is either being funny, or he likes your butt. If he was being funny you should laugh, if he likes your butt, well, be glad, if a guy likes your butt that means girls will DEFINATELY like it!

Is pit a girl?

no most definitly not he talks like a boy and looks like a boy