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be sure to double and triple check the wiring of the starter. If for some reason the two posts coming off the starter are grounded the flow of electricity will keep moving keeping the motor running. the positive battery cable should go stright to the starter to the positive post(usually the one on the top when you look down at it from top of motor), then the ground should actually be somewhere on the transmission(usually the post on the bottom looking down) then there is usually a third connection point(no post) that goes to the solenoid, if not go through the solenoid then to the starter with the positive wire. good luck

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How do you replace starter solenoid on Honda Element?

The starter solenoid on a Honda Element is integral to the starter. It cannot be replaced without replacing the starter as well.

Can the starter solenoid by replaced without replacing the starter?

sometimes, but contact your local auto parts store to see if it is even sold seperately

No voltage at starter solenoid replaced ignition switch and starter relay?

Your neutral safety switch-try putting car in neutral and trying it

Car won't start with key switch but will if you jumper over solenoid on starter?

Defective Starter solenoid or ignition switch. Ignition switch is bad.

How do you bypass a starter solenoid?

A starter solenoid can be bypassed by connecting a jumper wire between the battery and ignition posts on the starter. This will cause it to spin immediately without using the ignition switch.

Is a starter solenoid part of the ignition system?

The starter solenoid, despite its name, is not part of a vehicle's ignition system. It is used to send electric current to the starter motor, engaging the engine.

Is replacing starter solenoid expensive?

Yes, replacing a starter solenoid is expensive. It is about $80.00 for the actual starter plus any man hours that go into installing the starter. It will end up costing around $400.00.

Why does the car not turn over after starter solenoid is replaced?

If the car does not turn over after the solenoid is replaced, that means the problem was not the starter solenoid. The problems lays elsewhere in the electrical system.

What could be wrong if you have to start a 96 Pontiac Sunfire by putting a screw driver on the starter?

The starter solenoid, or ignition switch is bad, and either one needs to be replaced.

Where is the starter solenoid on a 1990 Mazda Miata?

The starter solenoid is located on top of the starter. It is the small cylinder attached to the starter. It is a part of the starter which can be replaced/repaired independent from the starter itself.

Where is the starter relay on an 86 jetta?

there is no relay for the starter. there is a solenoid (switch) and ignition switch. the solenoid is part of the starter (small cylindrical shape above starter housing. the solenoid has the battery and ignition connections). and the ignition switch is where the car-key goes. you need at least 8v from the ignition to the solenoid for the starter to operate. use a multimeter. otherwise check your starter - battery connections. otherwise replace the starter. otherwise, take off the starter and inspect inside the starter housing. if the starter is clicking but not turning the engine the starter teeth aren't engaging with the teeth on the flywheel. get a manual to the car here: http://www.germanautoparts.com/Books/Volkswagen

Where is the ignition solenoid located on a tiltwheel 1994 Chevy Silverado 2500?

Starter solenoid is a part of the starter itself, the ignition relay can be found in the main electrical control panel under the hood.

How do you change a starter solenoid on a 1983 Chevy silverado?

I DO BELIEVE THE SOLENOID IS MOUNTED ON THE STARTER AND YOU WOULD HAVE TO REPLACE THE STARTER TO REPLACE THE SOLENOID remove the starter and take it down to your local auto parts store. they can bench test the starter and give you the proper solenoid if it needs to be replaced.

Can a bad ignition switch keep the starter engaged?

Probably not a bad ignition switch, but more likely a bad starter solenoid. It takes a lot of current to get a starter to turn, to much to go through such a small switch like the ignition switch. The ignition switch actually controls a relay(solenoid) which can handle the needed current to get the starter going. On a lot of modern cars the solenoid is built into the starter unlike older cars and trucks where it was mounted on the firewall between the battery and the starter.

How do you get power to the starter?

The positive battery cable connects directly to the starter. Depending on what type of vehicle it is, the solenoid is either on the starter or on the inner fender. Power for the solenoid comes from the ignition switch. You can run a wire to the solenoid to cause the starter to engage.

How do you replace starter solenoid on a 1999 alero?

The starter solenoid can be replaced by removing the wiring harness. Remove the retaining nuts. The solenoid will come off. Reverse the process to install the new solenoid.

Engine turns over but car wont start when cold when warn car starts 1996 Kia Sephia 1.8 automatic?

If your car works fine when its not cold and only wont start when its cold outside then its a bad solenoid and most likely the one that regulates voltage to your starter. This solenoid can not be replaced with out replacing the starter because they are combined. Unless you have a aftermarket starter that will let replace the solenoid without replacing the starter. So all you have to do is take it to a shop and have a new starter put in and your prob should be fixed.

Can a starter solenoid drain a battery?

Yes, a starter solenoid can drain a battery. When a starter solenoid is not working properly it can actually keep rotating the starter after the car's ignition is turned off. Since it requires a battery to actuate the starter, the battery will eventually be drained of power.

95 f-150 starter shoots out yet once the truck is started the starter arm will not return into the starter have replaced the ignition switch the lock solenoid and starter twice what could be wrong?

Replace the starter power solenoid install on the passenger side fender right behind the battery. Usually it cracks and moisture causes it to stick.

Why will a 91 Lincoln Town Car start with a screwdriver touching the solenoid but not with the key manually?

Not to bash on the last answer, but, the starter solenoid probably isn't at fault here. If it will start with the screwdriver then the starter solenoid is functioning. It either does or it doesnt. The answer lies in circuitry back from the solenoid to the ignition switch. You could have a bad ignition switch or neutral/safety switch.AnswerDefective starter solenoid.

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