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Tell him you already have a boyfriend and then just walk away. that simple

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How do you stop a guy from hitting on you?

Just say, "look, I know you're into me but I have a boyfriend." (Whether you do or not)

What should you do when you have a boyfriend and another guy has strong feelings for you?

Tell your boyfriend about the guy with feelings for you, and your boyfriend will handle it. But, if you also like the guy who is hitting on you, then tell him that you already have a boyfriend and that you should be just friends for the moment. There is always a nice way and a way that actually works, it is your choice which. Hope I helped!

Why is your boyfriend protective of you?

Your boyfriend is protective of you because he wants you all to himself. He doesn't want another guy hitting you up and trying to get with you because you are his and he is yours.

Why are relationships so important?

Now i am going to tell you why relationships are very important this why they are important they boyfriend always remembers when it is your birthday and gives you a gift. Here's one other they stick up for u when a person is saying mean stuff or when another guy is hitting you so then the boyfriend goes and tells the other guy to stop hitting on the girlfriend (boys don't like when others guys are hitting on the girlfriend). And that's why relationships are important!!!!

What if a guy hit on you but then started hitting on your friend?

if a guy hit on you then started hitting on your friend he is not the guy you want so just move on sister

What does it mean if your boyfriend is too calm about other guys hitting on you?

It may just mean that he is a calm guy and not the type who will fly into a rage over small things.

What should i do if my boyfriend hits me back?

since he is hitting "back" i assume you hit him first and in that case then knock it off before you really screw your thing with this guy up

Is it ok to have a boyfriend and also have guy friends?

It depends what you do with your guy freinds and if you do the samething with your boyfriend.

What does it mean when a guy this guy is not my boyfriend tells you that you have his love and respect?

It Means he want to be your boyfriend!

What do you do if you like a guy but you already have a boyfriend?

Break up with your boyfriend because if you truly liked your boyfriend you wouldn't like the second guy.

What happens on it girl when you flirt with another guy?

You will lose your present boyfriend and the guy you flirted will be your boyfriend? :)))

What do you do if you have a boyfriend but you like another guy?

Well it depends how much you love your boyfriend. But if you really like the other guy then break up with your boyfriend and go out with the other guy.. But be careful how you word it if you still want to stay friends with your boyfriend.

What do you do when you really like your boyfriend but your in love with another guy?

dump your stupid boyfriend and go for the guy you love

What is the ratio of boys hitting girls?

To much, I'm a guy and i hardly disagree with guys hitting girls. if someone you know is hitting you get away fast

Should your boyfriend beat up this guy that keeps harrasing you?

It depends on how you and your boyfriend feel about the situation, if its not that big of a deal just let it go but if the guy is bothering you that much either you talk to him or have your boyfriend do it. If it gets bad enough and the guy starts a fight with your boyfriend then your boyfriend has all the right to beat up the other guy.

What should you do if there's a guy flirting with you and you're with your boyfriend?

depends on the guy and ur boyfriend usually ppl would ignore the guy but what if ur boyfriend is an ugly jerk and the boy is a hot sweetie...

What is the law about a boyfriend hitting a girlfriend?

It is assault and battery and it is a crime. The guy could go to jail for grevious bodily harm if the wounds are bad enough but if she is still injured then she is advised to get a restraining order :)

What do you do if you have a boyfriend but your starting to like another guy?

be honest with your boyfriend

What does it mean if a guy doesnt like your boyfriend?

If he has any interest in dating you, he will not like your boyfriend. But maybe he already knows your boyfriend and they do not get along or else your boyfriend has a bad reputation that the guy knows about.

What do you do if you love your boyfriend but cant help thinking about this other guy but this other guy would never go out with you?

You forget about the other guy,,duh *If you really love your boyfriend then thinking about this other guy is not worth your time. Just enjoy the time you spend with this other guy and have him as a good friend and LOVE being with your boyfriend and keep him as your boyfriend!

What does it mean when a guy says you are always in my thoughts?

other than that he is hitting on you? Depends greatly on the guy ....

What do you do when your ex boyfriend says he still likes you but your hitting on his older brother?

tell him

You were out today and one of your guy friends kept hitting you on the bum and looking at you and complimenting you what does this mean?

sometimes its a test to see if your loyal to your boyfriend or husband, or he's just kidding but mabye you should give him a chance!

Is it bad to lay with a guy in his bed when the guy is not your boyfriend?

well it depends what you did if he is your friend and there is nothing going on with you two then there is nothing bad about laying with a guy in his bed when he is not your boyfriend :)

Boyfriend but you have feelings for another guy who has a girlfriend what can you do?

stay with your boyfriend. trust me.

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