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What do you do if someone you love loves someone else?


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Get over that person or tell it how you feel.


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she loves someone else

Well hun, if he loves you, then why would he love someone else? Or why would he love you if he loves someone else? Just think, if he truly loves someone, he wouldn't love another person even if he shows it or not. So, he might be lying, sorry to say.

Wait let me get this straight. You love someone. That someone loves someone else. But that someone else loves you. Then, that someone else fell out of love with you and fell in love with the person you love, which is someone. So you're asking how do you love someone that's mutually in love with someone else? Well. I don't know. You just love them. You just can't let them go if it's a real love. But if you're annoyed of it, you can go and try to get over it by find someone else -- or move to another state xD you can also try to steal that someone so that he or she can love you. or you can do what 87% of people who are in your situation do and just stay with them and act like everythings okay-- but of course you would be completely hurt. Your choice

no. she loves someone else.

she loves you but loves some one else as well? that's bs. that isn't love. not even close.

Romantic love is exclusive, if he loves someone else he cannot love you. If he claims to love you both then he is lying to both of you.

Forget about the love of someone else and start loving yourself!

If the boy loves someone else, you are probably Not to make them fall in love with you. If he really loves someone else, just accept it, move on and find someone else to fall in love with. There are 6 Billion people on the Earth. About half or 3 Billion are Men. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Unfortunately you have to grin and bear it, move on and find someone, someone who loves you for what you are. That person is out there.

Find someone else who loves you, and love them back.

you try to steel them from the one they "love" ;-)

If someone you loves says I love you, you reply as I love you too...! but if its someone should let the person know about what you feel about him/her.. p

Well you try to let it go but if your truelly in love with that person then show them how much you care about them.

Love is an overused word. I am positive the boy does not love you. And you can not love someone and have a crush on another. Love is so special it is made for one person and one person only. Dont let them feed you lies! If he really loves you then he would not like someone else like that. You should find someone who loves you and only you. Good Luck!

=Well it is hard but if he loves someone else and you really love him you would let him go with his heart and you would let him have what he wants=

yes she might still love you if she was falling for someone else exspecially if you were her first love....most loves are hard to forget about even if your falling for someone else.

Try to forget about him (or her) and move on with your life. Eventually you'll find the right person, the one that will love you and not want to be with someone else.

3 sum. or when you like someone but they like someone else but they like you. Example: mike loves sally but sally love you and you love mike

you should not let yourself get tired in thinking how to love someone more than he loves you..because if he really loves you, he will not ask for any love from you!just love him the way he should be love and the way you not pretend someone else!be true to yourself,and never ever lie on someone...

It is actually possible to love two people at the same time and this is what your statement means. There is someone else in this person's life that he/she loves, but also loves you. Although the person may not be able to help it you have to make the choice of either sharing this person with someone else or letting them know 'you don't share!' I hope you choose the latter.

If someone really truly loves you there will be no one else in the picture at all. You should be able to tell if someone truly loves you by the way they look at you, their actions, they are there for you no matter what happens, and you should be able to feel their love for you.

Loving a person is not a crime in law. You can love anyone and depends how that person is.

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