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What do you do if the ODB2 data port on your 2003 Chevy Silverado will not power on but the scan works on another car?


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I have a 1999 Chevy silverado ls which has automatic dusk to dawn head lights how do you turn them off as the on off switch only works in the daylight

3/8 inch Allen, a socket Allen works the best

05 silverado fan works but no air from vents. This is an easy fix most likely. I would take it to your local Chevy dealership or auto repair shop.

NO. it has NOTHING to do with the engine starting. It works the fuel gauge in the dash only.

There are two, possibly three fuse boxes in your truck. The one you want is under the hood on the driver side. The cigerette lighter fuse is just above and slightly to the right of the radio fuse. In some Silverados there is another fuse in the instrument panel to the left of the steering wheel. There is an aux fuse in there that works with your additional lighter power outputs.

Why does my 99 silverado have no heat and the ac fuses look good and blower motot works great

A power of attorney grants another person the authority to act in name, place and stead for the principal.

It does not have a fuse, the speed sensor works the speed-o-meter \ \ I disagree, because the Radio fuse , in the fuse box under the hood will work the speedometer, Tach, and Message center

The relays for the different systems are all the same. Pull one of the other relays....say for the A/C and swap it. If your fuel pump now's the relay.

Yes, it should be going in the new 2014 Chevy Camaro z28.

the best place to find a diagram for this would be to go to a shop that uses the program all data. usually they will print you out a copy there. if not, alldata has a website now at here, you can pay to have them give you a diagram.hope it works out for you.

Because the two systems work independantly of each other. Check there is enough water in the engine coolant resevoir. That is the most common reason why the heating doesnt work in a car

***Reduced Power Engine (Warning Light)*** 2003 Silverado 1500HD*** Check your throttle body/ valve..... I have a chevy silverado 2003 HD and when I noticed this warning, i had no forward power and when i did it was very minimal. Also, my truck started to idle very hard almost like a mild shake. Remove the air intake hose that runs from your air filter box to your throttle body housing. Once removed, use carburetor or brake cleaner and spray into the throttle valve. During this process, make sure to open and close the valve as well as wiping away any excess. If your vehicle has trouble starting after this, give it a few minutes for the excess vapors from the spray to evaporate and then the vehicle should start right up. Hope this works

Could be several reasons some of which may be your low on coolant or a stuck open thermostat or a plugged up heater core (from old Dex Cool) or a heater blend door malfunction.

i use regular stp. it protects against wear , oxidation and foaming . also works in subzero temps.

Suggestiontry another Chevy key. im a locksmith with a Chevy work van. and that's the first thing i try with Chevy vehicle and works more than half the time. most Chevy vehicle pre-2005 have a 10 pin combination on the key and ignition but door lock only have a 5-pin tumbler

This is what I did for my Chevy prism 2000, it works fine:

Remove switch panel and jump wires on switch- if this works bad switch Remove door panel and see if the motor is getting power-if it is getting power, bad motor

I bought a used 2003 avalanche and the soeakers have no sound. Radio works and has power but no sound. They seem to be connected (speakers) so is there a fuse maybe

Is the power belongs the position he or she works not the power that he or she got

I think there is some kind of speed sensor attached to the transmission. Probably a bad conection, a true Chevy trait. VBdenny

I have a 1000ca 850cca And that is what ive always used. works great and hope this helps.

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