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Escrt FanCheck for a shorted fan switch

I fixed this today 3-2-2011----I chnged my cooling fan sensor and sending unit---not sure of the names of the parts --but they screw into the metal pipe just under the distributer (where the 4 spark plugs come together)----they have a small electrical connecter on EACH one and scew in like a spark plug--and are about the size of a spark plug--use a 3/4 inch deep well socket ---this worked for me and my coolant light went out after the second start------I looked all over for a fan relay----there is not one in my 1998 escort-----It must be in the computer. The parts cost me 27$ at auto zone------I took out the air filter housing ( a snap off ring-- no tools needed) and removed the upper hard plastic hose----bent up the remaining rubber corrigated hose and there are the fan sensors---side by side---easy--------good luck and i ---I looked for hours and got all kinds of answers----this worked for me---no relays--no messing with the computer thing----------

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Q: What do you do if the cooling fan on your 1998 Ford Escort will not cut off even when the ignition is switched off and runs until the battery is dead?
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How do you disconnect the drivers side airbag in a 1994 Ford Escort when replacing the ignition?

Disconnect the battery, which you should do anyway when replacing an ignition. There will then be no danger of it inflating.

Wipers and fan work only on battery but does not work when the engine is ON what is the reason on Ford Escort 94?

Ignition switch. Not the lock, the column mounted ignition switch.

What would stop a ford escort from start now and again?

Bad starter Bad battery Bad connection on battery cables. Faulty ignition switch

Ignition lock cylinder removal on a 94 ford escort?

How to remove and replace ignition lock on 94 escort lx wagon1.9

What should you do when your Ford Escort 1985 wont start but the battery works fine?

If the battery is good and fully charged but the engine will not turn over then either the starter or the ignition switch is defective. Or you have a loose or corroded connection.

What could be wrong with your 1998 Ford escort zx2 sport it tries to turn over but the battery goes dead and it won't go in gear?

Check the cooling fan

Where is the ignition control module located on a 1992 ford escort?

I am pretty sure that it is on the right side of the battery behind the fuse box in both the 1.8 and 1.9L models

What size battery does a 1980 ford escort take?

A ( 1981 ) Ford Escort takes a BCI group size ( 58 ) battery

Where is the battery for a 1986 Ford Escort Diesel?

Battery is located in the trunk.

How do you troubleshoot the starting circuit of a 95 escort wagon with AT?

Things to check are: ignition switch, manual lever position switch, ignition relay, your starter, and last, your battery. Check all wires, cables and connections for condition and cleanliness.

Battery on a 1999 Ford Escort zx2?

OK, it has a battery. What are you wanting to know?

Where is the 1997 ford escort ignition switch location?

The ignition switch is where you insert your key to start car

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