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you might have a faulty fan relay that is stuck closed, allowing fan to run at all times or a faulty coolant temperature sensor. the fan relay contacts have welded shut it needs replacing just pull out the relays one at a time until the fan turns of and replace it alternatively temp sender could be faulty but this is unlikely

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Q: What do you do if the fan on a 1994 Hyundai will not stop until the battery runs dead?
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Why would a 94 Hyundai Scoupe fan keep running after the car is off until it runs the battery dead?

Fan relay sticking.

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What is the problem with Hyundai Santa Fe air conditioning and fan controls?

air conditioner when on runs battery dead

Your 1994 Ford Explorer has no electricity?

Poor cable connection at your battery , or dead battery - anybody else have any suggestions (Helpfull)

Can a cell phone receive texts if battery is dead?

yes but obviously you can't read them until u get battery

1994 biuck roadmaster starter does not turn over?

Your battery might be dead or very close to dead. If the interior lights come on but go dim when you try to start then the battery is probably dead. Otherwise, get a new starter.

What do you look into when your 1994 Honda Accord's battery runs down everytime you park it for long?

could be a dead cell in battery if battery ic over 4 yeare old is probably battery

What would keep your 1994 Tahoe from starting when you turn the key?

I would say a dead battery.

What will cause the battery to keep running down in a 2002 hyundai sonata?

Dead cell in battery, some light is on and is drawing power when the car is not running, or a relay is stuck. This is assuming the alternator is good.

What are good options for phone battery extenders?

When your phone is going dead, keep it on until it shuts off. Then charge your phone overnight leave it in until morning. That helps the battery on your phone.

Why would a 1994 Mitsubishi Galant not start?

Maby because it dosent have any gas in it, or because the battery is dead.

1994 mark VIII won't start just clicks Where do I start?

A good possibility would be a dead battery.

Why wont your 1994 Pontiac grand prix engine turn over?

It could be that the battery is dead or your starter is bad.

1994 explorer lights dim wipers slow and battery gauge goes to low What would cause this?

Either your battery is dead, or your alternator has failed.

When was Dead Battery created?

Dead Battery was created in 2000.

Why does your 1994 Chrysler New Yorker LHS not start every time it sits for awhile?

Is it a problem of the battery goes dead or does it crank but not catch? If the battery is going dead over time perhaps you need to check the battery and/or alternator. If it's cranking but not starting, check the computer codes.

Why are new batteries drain on 1994 buick park ave while car is off?

Dead cell in the battery or some light is on pulling power from the battery. A stuck relay can also run the battery down.

What is wrong with my 1994 Bonneville when it will start and run all day but if I leave it sitting for more than a couple of hours I come back and the battery is dead?

get a new alternator and battery

We have a 1994 buick lasabre when we turn car off the battery is dead and it won't start but it is not the altanator?

check the voltage regulator

Can completely dead battery be recharged or must it be replaced?

Yes I can it will charge slower until it get about 5% charge

Why does battery go dead?

Alternator is defective, dead cell in the battery, or something is on pulling power from the battery.

My 1994 Nissan Quest won't start?

If your 1994 Nissan Quest won't start, you might have a dead battery or a bad starter. You could also have a tank that is empty of fuel.

Why does my 1994 Camaro battery go dead every four days if the engine hasn't been running?

Your battery is going bad and something may be draining the battery. If you have a weak battery, it will lose charge. The car charges your battery when you run it and if you dont run it, it will go dead. If your car dies while running, in that case you might need a new alternator.

How do you turn off hazzard lights when battery is dead?

Usually the hazzard button is located on the center/top of the steering column. Just press down the button and it should release. down=on/up=off, but if the battery is dead this won't matter until you install a new battery

How do you put Cadillac Catera in neutral w dead battery?

With another battery connected to the dead one or what a battery charger.