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It doesn't matter if he wants the baby or not, if you choose to get child support from him, you can get a court order saying he has to pay and how much. They will even take it out of his check before he gets it. (Sort of like taxes.) If you choose to just let him stay out of the babies life, have him sign a paper giving up all rights forever from the baby. Be sure to have a lawyer or judge do this paper so it is guaranteed legal. If you don't want to raise the baby without a father, then you have the option of adoption. There are many types of adoption. You'll have to go to an adoption lawyer or agency and find out what it best for you. If you choose to keep the baby, just know there are lots of moms who raise children without dad's; for a number of reasons. And there are also lots of dad's that raise kids without mom's for the same varying reasons. There is lots of help out there if you ever need it. You do what's right for you.

AnswerMy boyfriend didn't want the baby but since she looks just like him, he can't ignore the fact that he loves her. If the father really doesn't want the baby, it doesn't matter. I thought because my boyfriend didn't want the baby, I was going to be lonely, and I even thought of giving her up for adoption when I was pregnant. But the moment she was born, I had a dramatic change of heart. My baby brought me so much happiness. I can't imagine not having her. I don't even care about guys anymore. For the first year of her life, my daughter did not see her father because he was immature and stupid. I had so much fun with her, because she was mine and only mine. There was no guy to be bothering me or telling me how to raise her. I made all the decisions for my daughter. Now that her father wants to be in her life, I feel like, Oh man! It was better when it was just me and my daughter because I did what I had to do when I wanted to. The fact is that I am going to get child support from him and he gets a right to see her too. AnswerI am a single parent bringing up my 17 month old beautiful baby boy alone. My son's father refuses to contribute any money towards his son and has not seen him for the past couple of months, i don't know the reason why because he does not Evan have the decency to call and let me know what's going on. At first i felt like my child was going to miss out on something. However, i know I'm a strong women and i will do all i can to make sure he has everything he could need and most importantly my love.

I know that one day his father will decide to come knocking on the door and when he does i can't wait to close it back in his face. My son will make up his own mind when he's old enough.

I think it's so sad that this day and age there ares till people having children and not caring for them, how can you turn your back on your own child. I have so much respect of single parents it's a tough job at times.

For all you fathers/mothers out there who don't look after your children YOUR MISSING OUT.

Keep it yourself.

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Q: What do you do if the father does not want the baby?
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