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Be patient. Be her friend and if/when she is ready, you will probably know.

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What should you do this girl you like just broke up with her boyfriend?

hit it and forget it

What should you do if you just broke up with your boyfriend and this girl like him what should i do?

Nothing. You broke up with him and the other girl likes him. It's none of your business.

What if your in love and you dont know if you can ask her out?

just first see if the girl you like has a boyfriend and if she does leave her alone and if she just broke up give her some time

What should you do if you like a bisexual who just broke up with her boyfriend?

Ask her out.

How do you get over your boyfriend when you just broke up?

Who cares. He is not worthy of you. NOT! he doesn't like you. whatev

You like a girl what do you do she just broke up with her boyfriend and there friends again?

i have been in this position many times... you may like a girl, but if they are friends... then more than likely she still has feelings for him... best way to approach this is to be her best friend... and eventually she will have better feelings with you, or you can just step up and ask her out... but wait till shes ready to have a boyfriend

The girl you like broke up with her girlfriend now what?

Do you mean Boyfriend if yes try to get to know her and become her friend the ask her out,.

What do you do after you break up with your boyfriend?

Don't lock yorself in you bedroom and cry about it like every other girl. If yo broke up with your boyfriend it means there's someone better ot there for you! Just go find him! Hope I helped :D

How do you get a girlfriend when your 14?

just find a girl that u like and if she has no boyfriend, ask her out

How do you be the perfect girl for your boyfriend?

Just be yourself.If he doesnt like it leave him. : D

Would a girl that really liked you that you just broke up with still like you?


How do make a ex boyfriend like you again when you just broke up and he says he still likes you its not for another girl he just doesnt want a girlfriend?

make him jealous. let him see what he's missing in what he claims he didnt want.

How do you tell a girl you like when she has a boyfriend?

I know you have a boyfriend but I really like you. It's as simple as that:) no joke just tell her!!!!OR just don't tell her at all. it'll just make her feel awkward around you because she knows and she already has a boyfriend.

How should your boyfriend behave when you are together with his friend girl?

Just like he does with anyone else, or he isn't really a good boyfriend!

A girl has a boyfriend but seems to really like me Might she really like you or just like you as a friend?

Most likely the girl likes you as a friend. However, there is some chance that she could like you as a boyfriend. But here's the you really want to be with a girl who has a boyfriend, but is sending out signals that she might like you (or someone else) as a boyfriend while she is still in a relationship? For now, I suggest that you just remain friends with her. Then you can see how it goes. If she breaks up with her current boyfriend, you'll have a better idea of her intentions.

What if the girl you like has a boyfriend?

Hello all, If you any advice on what if the girl you like has a boyfriend just send me a friend request on facebook (Emily Rigby) and ill tell you everything you need to do Thank you

Can a guy text a girl at 3 am if she has a boyfriend?

yeah? its just like texting her at 3pm

Your boyfriend just broke up withme for his ex andi still like him what doi do?

dont do anything, its not your choice who he likes

Is a guy a baby if he cries because his girlfriend broke up with him?

No. It just means they like the girl.

What if you broke up with your girlfriend and she is really moody with you and another girl you like and she likes you?

if you broke up with your Girlfriend and Shes moody with you Just Ignore her,And If you Like a Girl and She likes you ,you Should Just go up to her and say "Do you want to Be my girlfriend" She prob. Say yes

What To Do If A Girl Likes You But You don't Know Her?

If A Girl likes you just tell her the truth but if you like her just go up to her and tell her 'Do You Wanna Go Out' .But if you dont like her just tell her 'I cant be Your boyfriend,but can we be friends?'

What question do you ask a girl that just came out a serious relationship?

How about asking her how she's doing. She's probably upset and would like to know there's somebody out there who cares how she's feeling, especially if it was her boyfriend who broke up with her.

Does Selena gomez like girls?

No, Selena Gomez likes boys more. She just broke up with her old boyfriend though.

I've already asked this girl out she said she has a boyfriend but the boyfriend is her ex-boyfriend also he is to predictable she doesn't like it?

Maybe she just doesnt want to go out with you.

What do you do if you like a girl and she likes you to but she has a boyfriend she likes to?

Then she has to choose you or her boyfriend.