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What do you do if the girl you like likes your friend?


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January 22, 2011 2:36PM

If the girl you like is in for your friend then i guess its clear that she doesn't like you but your friend. You ought to learn to control your self and also admit the fact that she likes your friend and not you, but if you like her very much then try talking to her and telling her how you feel about her probably she might just give it a try and like you after she gets to know you. In relationships not everyone is liked at first sight some people have to work for it to get noticed so if she seems to like your friend find out if your friend likes her as well if he doesn't like her then it's your chance to win her heart by talking to her about your feelings for her. She might not see the real you but when she gets to know the real you out side in side she might just start liking you more and more and then at last she would be yours. Just be her friend. Because even if she doesn't like you she will think of you as a friend. And a lot of girls start liking some of their friends that are guys. GOOD LUCK :)